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In Palashbari, the commission of the representatives with the patient’s documents!

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Update : Monday, December 26, 2022


In Palashbari Upazila of Gaibandha, the harassment of the representatives of various pharmaceutical companies with the treatment documents of the patients and taking pictures has become a daily casual affair.

According to on-site investigation, hundreds of patients regularly come to take medical care in Palashbari upazila health complex, diagnostic center and private chambers of doctors.

Along with various tests, register doctors diagnose these patients and give prescriptions. But unfortunately there are representatives of more than half a hundred companies in Satya Palashbari. They stick around doctors like glue all the time. The competition is on who can sell how many products of whose company.

Many forced doctors to prescribe his company’s drugs with hefty commissions. Many people impress the doctor with various gifts including TV fridge. As a result, doctors have to face various obstacles in writing prescriptions.

The most surprising thing is that the representatives of the respective companies are busy taking pictures of the patient taking the patient’s medical record without writing it. Which is inhumane and sad! This is like a blow to the dead!

Just like someone’s month of fasting is like someone’s doom! There is no way to understand why they are standing over the heads of doctors to take pictures. Many are standing in different pharmacies!

A doctor who writes a company’s medicine by seeing how many representatives with the relevant doctor commission business!

As a result of these commission trades, doctors are being cheated by writing the name of the company’s medicine instead of the standard company, and the patients are also facing financial losses and are being deprived of quality services.

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