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Heads of state of various countries also blocked prosecution of war criminals: Prime Minister

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Update : Monday, December 26, 2022

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that the heads of state of various countries also obstructed the trial of war criminals.

He said, when we started the trial of war criminals, many obstacles were created. Heads of state outside the country also tried to block this trial, some even called me. I said one thing to them, those who committed crimes in the Second World War are still being tried, so why shouldn’t those who tortured and killed the people of Bangladesh be tried? Despite such pressure we were able to prosecute the war criminals.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina spoke at the 59th annual conference of the Bangladesh Judicial Service Association at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center in the capital on Monday (December 26).

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, we are giving flats for the residence of judges. It is not only in Dhaka city but in every district in the district we will provide safe accommodation. Also, we will take steps to monetize car loans to ensure car arrangements for judges.

He said, we will establish international standard judicial academy for judges. It is already seen whether the place is effective or not. Also we will establish a law university.

Sheikh Hasina also said that we want an environment where all people get justice, cases are settled and transparency and accountability are created.

Regarding the use of technology in the Beaver Division, Sheikh Hasina said, “Just as we are getting opportunities by using technology, the type of militancy or terrorist activity is changing by using this technology.” That’s why we are making laws, many people talk a lot against it. But the reality is that we absolutely need it, that’s why now we don’t fight like before, now we press buttons, even now online training is given on how to make bombs, how to kill people. So the government takes all kinds of anti-terror laws very seriously.

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