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Due to not being able to give vaccination, the period was extended by three months

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Update : Saturday, December 24, 2022

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The Department of Health has extended the expiry date of Pfizer’s vaccine by three months for not being able to administer the vaccine on time. According to the government organization, the period has been extended with the approval of the World Health Organization, the Department of Drug Administration and the National Technical Committee on Immunization.

Pfizer vaccination is now being given to people above 12 years of age in the country. The expiration date on the vial of this vaccine is 30 November 2022. However, the Department of Health says that no expired corona vaccination is being given anywhere in the country. This vaccine can be used until February 28, 2023.

Meanwhile, the fourth dose of corona vaccine has been given from December 20 across the country. Pfizer vaccine is mainly given as the fourth dose. Common people have complained that expired vaccinations are being given in some parts of the country. Because of this, many people come to the center and return without vaccination.

Professor Shamsul Haque, member secretary of the new corona vaccination management committee of the Department of Health, said that the World Health Organization has approved the duration of this vaccine. In this regard, field level officers across the country have been informed by letter. Vaccines with an expiry date of 30 November 2022 can be used up to 28 February. It will not have any side effects.

Sources in the Department of Health say that the US vaccine maker Pfizer has informed the World Health Organization to extend the expiry date of its corona vaccine. They said that the vaccine, which is supposed to expire within 12 months of manufacture, can be used up to 15 months. Vaccines that expire within 9 months of reconstitution can be used for up to 12 months. The World Health Organization and COVAX, the global initiative for collection and distribution of corona vaccines, have informed the member countries about this.

The National Technical Committee on Vaccines met on September 5 to discuss Pfizer’s vaccine expiration date. Minutes of the meeting approved the extension of the vaccination period by three months. Meanwhile, the Department of Drug Administration said in a letter written to the Secretary of the Health Care Department on November 11 that the validity period of Pfizer’s vaccine is 12 months.

A former official of the WHO said on condition of anonymity, “There is still no precedent of using expired vaccines in any country. This is even more important when it comes to dangerous viruses like Corona. In this case, the World Health Organization has three committees, they examine and review, and then report on how acceptable it is. These processes take a long time to complete. But how it got approved in such a short time, we don’t know.’

WHO’s former regional advisor Professor Dr. Md. Mujaherul Haque said, ‘In the current period, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has conducted several tests on vaccines that have expired. They found that expired vaccines can be used for another 3 to 9 months. It will not cause any harm.

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