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Awami League has followed the path of Ayub-Yahia and Tikka Khan: Jonaid Saki

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Update : Friday, December 23, 2022

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Jonaid Saki, chief coordinator of Mass Solidarity Movement, said that Awami League was the party that led the liberation war in 1971. But the current leadership of this party has taken the path of Ayub-Yahia-Tikka Khan. They are in power without votes. They are in power by beating, disappearing, suing, attacking with law and order forces. People have to participate in mother’s funeral after wearing handcuffs and sticks. Awami League has crossed the limit of cruelty. They want to survive till 2040. But they have forgotten, you cannot survive in this country by beating the stick. They cannot survive by scaring people.

He said these things during the closing ceremony of the two-day long Narayanganj district conference of Bangladesh Students Federation, a student organization of mass solidarity movement, on Friday evening. Rafiur Rabbi, convenor of Anti-Terrorism Tukki Manch and associate professor of Jagannath University, Shyamoli Sheel, were special speakers on the occasion. President of the district branch of the student federation Ilyas Zaman also spoke on the occasion.

Saki also said that the country will not change only with a caretaker government. State management system should be reformed. A bicameral parliament will be needed. There will be a balance of power between the two houses. Whoever gets more votes owns the whole country, the rest are nobody – this will not work in Bangladesh anymore. 300 MPs will be elected in 300 constituencies. And the MP will be in the second chamber in proportion to the total votes received by the parties. Even though MPs are elected, they cannot vote independently. He has to vote according to the instructions of the party. It has to end.

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