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Called 999 during the attack but the police did not come!

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Update : Wednesday, December 21, 2022

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A victim and his family held a press conference in Gaibandha complaining of not getting the desired service from the police. Sajedur Rahman of Chakmamrojpur area of the municipality held a press conference with his family at Press Club Gaibandha office on Tuesday (December 20).

As the police did not come during the attack, it has been alleged that 7 people were injured by the weapons of the opposition on him and his family. Sajedur Rahman said in a written statement on the matter that his family had been in dispute with his uncle Nantu Mia for a long time over land related issues. As a result of this, the people of Nantu began to complain about the illegal occupation of their home land last Saturday afternoon. At one point they entered the land and started building a brick wall. Gaibandha Sadar police station was requested to inform the police several times after learning about the matter. They were also preparing to attack us if we were to stop their forced construction. When we realized the matter, we called Sadar Thana police from time to time out of fear. When there was no response, the National Emergency Service number 999 was called. Still the police did not come. Later, when some people including me were forced to stop the construction work, the mercenary terrorists of Tajul Islam Nantu, who had prepared in advance, beat me and my brothers with native weapons and injured us in various parts of the body. At one point a person named Rajib hit my brother Mominul Islam Babu on the head with a sharp stick. He fell on the ground covered in blood. Another person named Imran hit my younger brother’s friend Mahfuzar Rahman on the head with an iron pipe and he was also seriously injured. At least 7 people were injured in the incident. Later all the injured were admitted to Gaibandha General Hospital. They are currently undergoing treatment there.

He also mentioned that seven members of his family were cut and injured. On the contrary, a false case has been filed against our family. He alleged in the press conference that this false case was made with the help of the police to harass them. In addition, even after calling the police several times, why did they not take action or appear? He also sought the intervention of higher authorities to investigate the matter and take disciplinary action against those responsible. Besides, Sajedur Rahman said that he has filed a case as a plaintiff in the sadar incident by mentioning the names of eight people in this incident.

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