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Putin stressed whether there are traitors in his army

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Update : Tuesday, December 20, 2022

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Today marks 300 days since the Russian attack on Ukraine. But there is no sign of stopping the war from any side. Putin and Zelensky are moving forward with new strategies. This time, Putin also emphasized on being careful if there are traitors in his army. Aljazeera news.

Putin gave this warning in a speech given on the day of the country’s security forces. At this time, he emphasized on strengthening security at the border.

He said to the FSB, “If any kind of violence is attempted on the border, it must be suppressed with firm hands.” Also, if there are any spies and traitors among themselves, they should be identified and wiped out.’

At the time, Putin also said, “It is the responsibility of the Special Security Forces (FSB) to ensure the safety of the people in the Moscow-controlled areas of Ukraine.”

Last September, Russia declared some regions of Ukraine as part of the Russian Federation. Kiev and its Western allies have not recognized the annexation, calling it ‘illegal’.

Regarding the security of the four occupied territories, Putin said to the FSB, “It is your responsibility to do everything possible to ensure the highest level of security, respect for their rights and freedom for them.” He promised to provide more sophisticated equipment and weapons to the security forces.

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