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Democracy Manch announced 14 points in simultaneous movement

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Update : Monday, December 12, 2022

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Democracy platform announced 14 points for simultaneous movement against fascism, government and governance system.

Mahmudur Manna, the coordinator of Democracy Mancha, President of Citizens’ Union, announced this at a press conference on Monday (December 12) at noon.

The 14-point declaration includes several demands, including the resignation of the government, dissolution of parliament, amendment of Article 70 of the constitution and the ability of parliamentarians to vote freely on matters other than the passing of the budget.

They presented their demands under the title ‘Simultaneous anti-fascist movement, 14 points of change in government and governance’ at the Democracy Forum press conference. The demands are-dissolution of the present parliament, immediate resignation of the government, formation of an interim government for free, impartial, democratic and credible national elections, abolition of the present election commission and formation of an acceptable independent and impartial election commission, ensuring a ‘level playing field’ in the elections. To stop money games and nomination trading in elections, revise RPO, make necessary administrative changes, ensure fair voting system through paper ballot by canceling EVM system and cancel party symbols in local government elections.

Besides, establishing balance of power between parliament, executive department and judicial department, establishing ombudsman and constitutional court, reforming the 70th article of the constitution and giving opportunity to give independent opinion on all bills except the vote of confidence and passing the budget.

In addition to these, unconditional release of all political prisoners including BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia, not to create any obstacles in all political activities including meetings, gatherings, processions as a constitutional right, police obstruction of opposition party programs, attacks, arrests, false cases are regarded as illegal.

Repeal basic restrictive laws including the Digital Security Act-2018 and the Special Powers Act 1974 as well as stop the harassment of labor movement leaders in the name of industrial policing.

As a matter of urgency, the price of daily necessities should be brought within the purchasing power of common people, rationing system and cash payment system should be introduced for the poor and people with limited income.

Canceling the government decision of arbitrary price increase in service sectors including gas, electricity, energy, water and canceling the exemption law given in the rental-quick rental project.

In the last 15 years, a strong commission has been formed to identify state corrupt persons involved in money laundering, banking, and stock markets abroad. Taking appropriate disciplinary action against those responsible at the earliest. Seizure of corruptly acquired assets and recovery of laundered money.

Rescuing all missing citizens and stopping extrajudicial killings. Allocation of minimum 6 percent of GDP to health and education sectors. Ensuring fair price of farmers’ crops, opening closed factories including jute mills and sugar mills.

Jonaid Saki, Chief Coordinator of Mass Solidarity Movement, Saiful Haque, General Secretary of Revolutionary Workers Party, Sheikh Rafiqul Islam Babulah, Convenor of Bhasani Anusari Parishad, and leaders of Democracy Manch were present.

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