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Although the price of fuel oil is decreasing in the world market, it is not decreasing in the country

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Update : Monday, December 12, 2022

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Although the price of fuel oil has decreased in the world market, the consumers of the country are not getting the benefits. The government is not reducing the price in the country’s market on the grounds that there is a loss. Crude oil prices have fallen by more than 10 percent in the past week, according to data from energy commodity websites. The price of Marban Crude (which Bangladesh imports) fell to 75 dollars per barrel on Sunday. This is the lowest in the current year. When the price of fuel oil was increased in the country on August 5, the price of Marban crude in the international market was close to $100. The country’s most widely used diesel, which is mostly imported in refined form, was priced at $155 in August. It fell to $105 this week.

Prime Minister’s fuel adviser. Tawfiq-e-Ilahi Chowdhury told reporters yesterday that the price of fuel oil in the world market is at an unstable stage. We have to set the price wisely. Prices are not going down right now.

BPC officials say that despite the fall in prices in the world market, there is a loss in the sale of diesel due to devaluation of 8-10 rupees per dollar. Now there is a loss of Rs 3 to 4 per litre. The loss is Rs 8 crore per day. However, many people related to the sector say that BPC should make a profit by selling diesel at the current market price. Apart from this, BPC is making profit by selling Furnace Oil, Petrol, Octane, Jade Fuel.

Experts in the energy sector claim that the price of fuel should be reduced in the country as the price of fuel is reduced in the global market. Cab Energy Advisor Professor Shamsul Alam said the government does not think about the people. They seek only profit.

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