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International Anti-Corruption Day celebrated in Sylhet

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Update : Friday, December 9, 2022

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On the occasion of International Anti-Corruption Day, marches have been taken out from different neighborhoods of Sylhet city as announced by Central Committee of Anti-Corruption Bangladesh Forum.

At 11 am on Friday, the Central Shaheed of Chowhattas gathered at the premises of Minar.

Former Vice Chancellor of Sylhet Medical University Dr. Morshed Ahmed Chowdhury inaugurated the anti-corruption rally. A colorful rally with banners and festoons with various placards circled the main thoroughfares of the city and met at Chowhatta Point in a massive anti-corruption rally. Under the chairmanship of the general secretary of the Central Committee of Corruption Eradication Bangladesh Forum Maqsud Hossain and jointly conducted by President Imam Hossain of the Central Committee of Eradication of Corruption Youth Forum and General Secretary Mahbub Iqbal Munna, the speakers in the rally protested the anti-people decision to waive the provision of filing property accounts of government officials and employees. Demanding immediate withdrawal, he said that this decision is the government’s surrender to the bureaucrats.

Speakers, the provision of death penalty for the top corrupt people due to corruption and reasonable corruption, it is now essential to form the Ombudsman’s program to stop the corruption and anarchy of government officials, Islami Bank because nothing has happened to Abdul Hai Bachchu, the mastermind of looting about 4000 crores of Tk. These terrible irregularities and looting happened. The people of the country want to see all the bank robbers recover thousands of crores of rupees and see the appropriate punishment for those involved in looting. In making a special law like NI ACT against the borrowers of embezzled lakhs of crores of rupees, criminal cases should be taken and the money should be recovered and subsidies should be given to the gas and electricity sector. Product prices should be controlled.

Speakers include E-Kormas, Casino, share market looting hero including Casino Samrat Ismail Hossain Samrat, PK Halder, Salim and Golden Monir. The Ministry of Health demanded that the proposal to determine the service price of the private hospitals be quickly implemented and the expert doctors should be charged a fee of 400 taka and the test trade should be stopped. For the purpose of transparent elections, if the term of the provisional government is 2 years and the mayor of the elected government is included in the constitution, the balance of power and corruption at the high level will be tolerable.

It is very important to amend the ACC Act to reform the Independent Anti-Corruption Commission enacted in 2008 and recover looted money from the corrupt. Canada’s Begumpara is the demand of the people to identify the smugglers of thousands of rupees and recover the money and prosecute them.

Nasir Uddin Advocate in the President’s speech said that recently the Hon’ble Chief Justice told lawyers in an event that corruption is leading the country to destruction. To save the country from destruction, there is no alternative to death penalty against the top corrupt people. That is why mass movement on the streets is very necessary. The corrupt must be defeated through mass agitation.

Dr. Dunya Akherat Partil Chairman spoke among others at the meeting. Mokhlishur Rahman, former principal of Chittagong Fertilizer College. Ramendra Nath Bhattacharya, Forum Adviser Nesharul Haque Chowdhury Bustan, Central Senior Vice President Iqbal Hossain Chowdhury, Joint General Secretary Mamun Rashid Advocate, Publicity Secretary Mir Abdul Karim Pakhi Mia, Ambarkhana Bazar Traders Association General Secretary Gulzar Ahmad, Journalist Chowdhury Delwar Hossain Jilon, Human Rights Journalist Muhibur Rahman, Journalist Ruhul Amin Talukder, Forum Former Joint General Secretary Tarek Ahmad Bilas, Former Publicity Secretary Shahidur Rahman Junu, Central Members Abdul Mutawalli Falik, Amirul Hossain Chowdhury Amnu, Kaych Ahmad Sagar, Saroj Bhattacharya, Afcharuzzaman Afchar, Santosh on behalf of the organization. Dev, Former President of Bangladesh Youth Forum Central Committee Ismat Ibn Ishaq Sanjid, Current Senior Vice President Niaz Quddus Khan, Vice President Nurul Islam Jitu, Organizing Secretary Syed Noor Ahmad Juned, One of the members of the Editorial Board Azizul Haque Kazi, Vijay Chandranath Biplab, Ariful Islam Nahid, Helal Ahmad Chowdhury, Ripon Ahmad, Kamal Ahmad, President of Dakshin Surma Youth Welfare Council, along with Gandavi Forum. Thak Abdul Jalil, General Secretary of Mahanagar Hawkers Cooperative Association Khokon Islam, Shahjahan Mia, Pier Hossain etc.
In the beginning, Helal Ahmad Chowdhury, the central leader of Youth Forum, recited from the Holy Quran. Press release

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