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Fakhrul-Abbas is not named in the statement: BNP lawyer

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Update : Friday, December 9, 2022

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BNP lawyer Masud Ahmed Talukder said that two accused have already been granted bail in this case. Those mentioned in the statement are said to be members of BNP. It is not said that Mirza Fakhrul and Mirza Abbas committed any crime in this case.

He said this in a response under the CMM court on Friday evening.

Masud Ahmed Talukder said, in the case of 7th, no issue of these two days came up till 9th. We told the court – Mirza Abbas and Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir are old people and sick. Without medicine they cannot live a normal life. There is a public meeting tomorrow. Mirza Fakhrul was the chief guest and Mirza Abbas was the special guest. They do peaceful politics, you have already seen. And their names are not in the statement. So they have no involvement with this alleged incident. Since Amanullah Aman and Abdul Quader Bhuiyan are named in the affidavit, he has given bail to them. Therefore, their names are not in the statement, so they are given bail. The two elderly men have been arrested and sent to the forwarding court where they have no charges.

He also said that they have no involvement with this incident. The government is deliberately using the police to frustrate the 10th meeting. This government is a government without voters, their fear is that if people unite and protest against this government, they will fall anytime. That’s why they are afraid of people.

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