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Sylhet city and district BNP held protest rally

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Update : Thursday, December 8, 2022

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Sylhet Metropolitan BNP convener Abdul Qayyum Jalali Pangki said that the Awami government has resorted to arson and massacre to wipe out the opposition like in the past. They have kept more than 200 buses ready to burn. They want to put the blame on the opposition party. They are once again celebrating the polling festival in the darkness of the night. They want to protect people’s rights. So they once again resorted to indiscriminate firing by the police forces they had deployed.

The Prime Minister threatened the opposition party and said that the BNP and the opposition will be suppressed like custody. The reality of which we saw yesterday in Nayapaltan. Two workers of BNP were killed in brutal police ambush and indiscriminate firing. Hundreds were shot. The government is scared. So they started mass arrests from national and central leaders to grassroots workers. Still they bully democracy. They are the best cheats and cheats in history.

He said the above words in the President’s speech at the protest rally to be held on the initiative of Sylhet Metropolitan BNP as part of the central program to protest the brutal ambush of the police, the indiscriminate firing and the shooting of hundreds of leaders and activists in the city’s historical registry ground on Thursday afternoon.

Sylhet Metropolitan BNP Joint Convenor Rezaul Hasan Kois Lodi was also present and spoke – former general secretary of Sylhet Metropolitan BNP Badruzzaman Salim, senior joint convener Humayun Kabir Shaheen, joint convener Farhad Chowdhury Shamim, Ziaul Gani Arefin Zillur, Ed. Habibur Rahman, Syed Misbah Uddin, Emdad Hossain Chowdhury, Najibur Rahman Najib, Saleh Ahmad Khosru, Members – Amir Hossain, Mukul Ahmad Murshed, Syed Safeq Mahbub, Shamim Mazumder.
Ward BNP President Mufti Raihan Uddin Munna, Ward No. 4 BNP President Mizan Ahmad, Ward No. 5 BNP President Sadiqur Rahman Sadiq, Ward No. 6 BNP President Lutfur Rahman Chowdhury, Ward No. 7 BNP President Abdul Wadud Milan, Ward No. 9 BNP President spoke. Amir Ali, Ward No. 10 BNP President Abdul Hakim, Ward No. 11 BNP President Sheikh Kabir Ahmad, Ward No. 17 BNP President Manjur Hossain, Ward No. 18 BNP President Tarek Ahmad, Ward No. 26 BNP President and Metropolitan Convening Committee Member Akter Rashid Chowdhury, Ward No. 27 BNP President Nazim. Uddin, Metropolitan BNP leader Abdul Jabbar Tutu.
Also present were Ward 1 BNP General Secretary Nazir Hossain, Ward 2 BNP Organizing Secretary Nurul Islam Limon, Ward 4 BNP General Secretary Alamgir Hossain, Ward 5 BNP Organizing Secretary Zaheed Ahmad, Ward 6 BNP General Secretary Sultan Ahmad, Ward 9 BNP General Secretary. Editor Rubel Box, Ward No. 10 BNP General Secretary Sabbir Ahmad, Ward No. 11 BNP General Secretary Abu Saeed Md Taif, Ward No. 15 BNP President Shoaib Ahmed General Secretary Russell Ahmad, Ward No. 18 BNP Organizing Secretary Abdul Mumin, Ward No. 21 BNP General Secretary Abdul Malik Shaku, Ward No. 24 BNP Organizing Secretary Farhad Ahmad, Ward No. 26 BNP General Secretary Abdul Mannan, Ward No. 27 BNP General Secretary Nazrul Islam, Organizing Secretary Pavel Ahmad, Manik Mia Lutfur Rahman among the former convenors of various wards.
Apart from this, among the leaders of various wards, Salim Ahmad Monir Mia, Ruman Ahmad, Zubed Ahmad, Jalal Uddin, Shamim Zubed Ameri, Abdul Wahid, Shamima Ahmad, Lokman Khalilur Rahman, Naeem Sarkar, Shaheen Ahmad, Moinul Haque, Independent Qais Ahmad Sagar, Rafiqul were present. Islam Rafiq, Youth Dal Leader Lokman Ahmed, Mahanagar Volunteers Dal Joint Convener Saheed Ahmed, Mahanagar Chhatra Dal Former Joint Secretary Md. Asadul Haque Asad, General Secretary of District Chhatra Dal Haji Delwar Hossain Dinar, Chhatra Dal leader Chadrul Islam Lokman. Rahim Mallik, president of Ward No. 24 BNP, recited the Holy Quran at the beginning.

Meanwhile, Sylhet District BNP organized a protest march. Sylhet District BNP General Secretary Advocate Emran Ahmad Chowdhury said that Awami League is now playing politics with dead bodies after being divided. In the ongoing movement of BNP, they are killing people like birds. The naked attack on the BNP office rivaled medieval barbarism.

In the video circulated in the media, the people of the country saw the police putting cocktails in white bags at the central office of BNP and causing panic. National leaders were arrested in a very lenient manner. This tyrannical government is playing with people’s bodies. The country and people are not safe in their hands. And how many mother’s chest they will hold on to power?

Demonstration march organized by Sylhet district BNP as part of the central program to protest the killing of Maqbul Hossain, leader of Ward No. 5 of Pallabi police station and the arrest of the national leaders of Pallabi Police Station, in response to police harassment, unwanted and cowardly firing, assault and firing by the police at the Dhaka divisional mass meeting on Thursday afternoon. He said these things in the next rally.

The protest march started from South Surmar Railgate and ended with a short rally in front of Keen Bridge.

Sylhet district BNP leader Advocate Ashiq Uddin, Md Shahab Uddin, Ishtiaq Ahmad Siddiqui, Abul Kashem, Wahiduzzaman Chowdhury Sufi, Kohinoor Ahmad, Jasim Uddin, AKM Tarek Kalam, Shahid Ahmad Chairman, Falakuzzaman Chowdhury Jaglu, Iqbal Bahar spoke on the occasion. Chowdhury, Abdul Latif Khan, Advocate Kamal Ahmad, Tajrul Islam Tajul, Anwar Hossain Manik, Moinul Haque, Advocate Abu Taher, Ed. Al Aslam Mumin, Rafiqul Islam Shahparan, Badsha Ahmad, Akhtar Hossain Raju, Farid Uddin, Arjun Ghosh, Burhan Uddin, Attar Ali, Shah Mahmud Ali, Akbar Ali, Monirul Islam Turan, Faizul Islam Pir, Lokman Ahmad, Habibur Rahman Habib, Abdul Malek, Zaheed Ahmad, Jasim Uddin, Faizul Islam Pir, Ed. Wabdur Rahman Fahmi, Bakhtiar Ahmad Imran, Shamim Helali, Minhaj Uddin Chowdhury, Samchur Rahman Shamim, Al-Mamun, Altaf Hossain Sumon, Delwar Hossain Dinar, Masroor Russell, Delwar Hossain Nadeem, Sohail Ibn Raza, Raihan H Khan, Dr. Nazim Uddin, Raihanul Haque Raihan, Ed. Abdullah Mamun Hira, Ahad Chowdhury Shamim, Pabel Rahman, Shaheen Alam Joy, Masuk Ahmad, Riaz Uddin, Samchur Rahman Soja, Ed. Abdur Razzak Raj, Ajmal Hossain Apu, Ed. Javed Ahmad, Jaber Ahmad, Imam Zaheer, Hasan Mahmud Babu etc. Press release

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