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A large part of the country’s total population is malnourished: District Commissioner Mujibar

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Update : Thursday, December 8, 2022

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Deputy Commissioner of Sylhet. Mujibur Rahman said that a large part of the total population of the country is suffering from malnutrition due to poverty, ignorance and lack of nutritional materials. In this regard, Sylhet’s situation is worse than other districts. The goal of sustainable development should be achieved through joint efforts.

He said this in the president’s speech at the district nutrition coordination committee meeting on Wednesday afternoon. The Deputy Commissioner said that nutrients are being given to the rice sold in the open market. However, care must be taken to ensure that the amount is correct. He advised the Agriculture Department, Food Department and Fisheries Department to be more proactive in developing nutrition awareness with proper action plans and laid emphasis on vegetable cultivation.
The District Commissioner called upon the Education Department to gift seeds to the students to encourage them to cultivate vegetables.

The Deputy Commissioner said that the new generation will not be able to develop properly physically and mentally if they do not get the necessary nutrients. In the meeting organized in the conference room of the district administration, the member secretary of the district nutrition coordination committee, civil surgeon Dr. SM Shahriar said that more activity is needed in the matter of nutrition at the upazila level. Nutrition message should be conveyed to common people. However, he mentioned that the nutritional situation has improved than before.

Dr. Swapneel Sourav Roy, Medical Officer of the Civil Surgeon’s Office, presented the comparative nutritional picture of the country and Sylhet in the meeting. Overpopulation, nutritional crisis among tea workers, aversion to small fish and vegetables, untimely floods disrupting vegetable cultivation and lack of awareness are blamed for Sylhet’s backwardness in terms of nutrition. Shahina Akhtar, Deputy Director of Women’s Affairs Department, Sylhet District Press Club President Al Azad, Senior Journalist Iqbal Siddiqui and representatives of various government departments at the district and upazila levels participated in the discussion. Press release.

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