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The story of Halima, a landless disabled person

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Update : Monday, December 5, 2022

Special Correspondent: This is the story of a changing Bangladesh, a story of a changing life. Under the supervision of the Prime Minister’s Office, housing for the landless and affected has started under the shelter project. In continuation of that, Halima Khatun, a landless disabled person, got a house under Asharyan Project-3.
Halima Khatun has one son and one daughter, the son lives in Dhaka, they have no land of their own, they used to take their daughter to other people’s place and live in the village to get a hand from the people. She was given a house with a land in the shelter project of Shaulpara Union. Halima Khatun is very happy to get a house.
In his words, I never dreamed that I would be living in such a beautiful house. Now the children don’t have to go to a neighboring house to take shelter at night. Halima Khatun was asked who gave this house, her answer was, Hasina diche baba, Hasina. May Allah give him long life and bless him in everything.

Halima Khatun also said that by getting this house, my new address was created. This address will now be my contact. Introduction of children. For us, this house is not only a place of confusion but a life-changing tool. The satisfaction of living independently.
Like Halima Khatun, there are two more families living in the shelter project, some used to live in their in-laws’ house, some lived on the roadside, but now all have their own plots of land. Have admitted their sons and daughters to school. Halima Khatun planted an orange tree and a guava tree given by the District Commissioner in front of her house. Halima Khatun has grown various vegetables on rice in her house and now she rarely has to buy from the market. After a few days she will buy her daughter a sewing machine so that she can be self-reliant.
Shariatpur Sadar Upazila Nirbahi Officer Jyoti Bikas Chandra said that this is how honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has changed the course of their lives by giving them houses along with land deeds for all the helpless landless people of Bangladesh

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