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Shaistaganj junction is occupied by influential and motorists

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Update : Friday, December 2, 2022


The traditional junction of Shaistaganj has been occupied and turned into a stand. An influential group is extorting thousands of rupees from vehicles at that stand every day. The parking lot of traditional Shaistaganj station of Sylhet division has been kept for passengers. But no VIP people are able to enter the car. The stand checkers stop the car on the road. And various vehicles including Ima, CNG autorickshaw, Noha, Lites are parked in a row. And from this junction, various vehicles are traveling to different places including Alipur, Madhavpur, Chunarughat, New Bridge, Habiganj. Every day hundreds of passengers are traveling in various trains including Antanagar, Parabat, Jayantika, Upaban, Kalni, Paharika, Udayan.

There are allegations that dishonest policemen and railway officials are taking commission. Repeatedly passengers complained to them but got no result. Yesterday, it was seen that it is not Shaistaganj junction but a car stand. Passengers demanded immediate rescue of this stand from the hands of the occupiers.

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