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Motorcycle theft in Habiganj city, no recovery!

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Update : Friday, December 2, 2022

Jewel Chowdhury, Habiganj Representative/

There has been a rash of motorcycle thefts in Habiganj city. Motorcycles are repeatedly stolen, but recovery is not possible. Even though the patrolling of law and order forces has been strengthened, these gangs of thieves cannot be suppressed. Motorcycle owners think it’s a thief cop game. Over half a hundred motorcycles have been stolen from the city in the last 1 year. But the law and order forces could not recover any other than 4/5 motorcycles. However, the police have informed that they are trying their best. But the thieves get out easily after being caught and sent to court. As a result, information cannot be revealed from them. On November 13 and 15, a businessman’s motorcycle was stolen from Shyamoli along with press club president Russell Chowdhury, journalist Mizan, policemen. But not one was recovered. Police and RAB conducted raids and arrested several people including Ripon, son of Chhoba Mia of Bahula village, the godfather of motorcycle thieves and handed them over to the court. But still the motorcycle could not be recovered from them. However, the police said that the motorcycle will be recovered soon.

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