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Brazil is entering the field today

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Update : Thursday, December 1, 2022

From Doha, Sanjay Saha Piyal/

Neymar is walking in the swimming pool, with Alex Sandro next to him. He is also rehabbing the injury. In the one-minute video, Neymar can be seen doing leg and ankle exercises while sitting in the water. In the morning, the video went viral among Brazilian journalists in Qatar. Their own news – Neymar will play from the last sixteen. Before that, Brazil coach Tite will play against Cameroon for the last time. Coach Tite made the announcement of Dani Alvez as the captain at the beginning of the press conference yesterday. Maybe a great farewell reception will be organized for Alvez.

Even though Brazil’s last sixteen is confirmed, today’s match is no less important. Brazil will lose 1-0 to Cameroon and Switzerland will win the group by three goals against Serbia in the other match. You definitely don’t want to finish second and play in the knockouts. That’s why the Selecao will want to keep the rhythm of winning even if seven people sitting on the reserve bench are brought to the field today. But while testing in this way, the World Cup saw the situation of France near Tunisia. If something like that happens today, the shock may be felt in confidence? The question was like an arrow to Tit. The Brazil coach did not lose his confidence while answering, ‘There will be a change in the team, it does not mean that we will become a weak team. There are 26 substitutes in the squad. I have to look at everything.’ The Brazilian journalists in front seemed to be seething with anger at the 49-year-old Alves being announced as captain. But with a person of this age, there can be no future team building project, so why should he be made the captain? Alvez had to hear the question, ‘It’s true, many may not have accepted my inclusion in the squad for the World Cup because of my age and recent form. But it is also true, I will try my best in the mission in Brazil.’ Thiago Silva will be given an off day in defence. That’s why Alvez decided to put an experienced defender in that place.

Today’s changes to the Brazil team will start from under the goalposts. Regular goalkeeper Alisson will be replaced by Anderson. Fabino will be in charge of the midfield. And Anthony and Gabriel Martial will be in charge of scoring goals. History tells us that Brazil has been so consistent in the group stage of the World Cup, they have come out on top in the last 11 World Cups. They are unbeaten in 17 consecutive matches in the group stage, including 14 wins and three draws. France last lost 29 group matches at the World Cup in 1998. The loss was against Norway. Today, of course, Brazil does not have those fears. Despite that, coach Tite wants to take a risk, ‘some can call this change a risk, some can call it an opportunity for newcomers. But I am in favor of this change.’ From that point of view, it can be said that Tite will field a new team in the third match.

It has been clear from the beginning that Tite is down with the team. Even the family came to the hotel to meet him on his wedding anniversary. Tite sent his wife flowers, cakes and chocolates. Said, meet and talk after the World Cup!

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