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Farmer Raihan’s Bajimat in early cauliflower cultivation in Srimangal

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Update : Wednesday, November 30, 2022


Raihan Ahmed, a farmer of Khalilpur village, made a profit by cultivating early varieties of cauliflower at Srimangal in Moulvibazar. Young Farmer Raihan Agam Succeeds In Growing Cauliflower Local Youth Are Enthusiastic In Agriculture.

It is known that Raihan Ahmed started cultivating cauliflower two months before winter in the month of Ashwin. His cultivated copies became salable at the very beginning of winter. Farmer Raihan Ahmed said that this is the first time he has grown experimental hybrid Super Tabbi Agam variety of cauliflower in Srimangal. The seeds of this variety are the first hybrid cauliflower of the country produced by Laltir’s own research. Raihan Ahmed planted 850 saplings in 10th century land. 60 days the copy becomes available for sale. He spent 3000 rupees to cultivate cauliflower on ten hundred acres of land. Now he said that he can sell cauliflower at Tk 50 per kg. Raihan Ahmed thinks that by selling about 600 kg of copies, excluding mule, the profit will be 27 thousand taka. Next year he said that he will cultivate copies of this variety on a larger scale in one bigha land.

It is known that the hybrid Super Tabbi variety of cauliflower can be cultivated from early to mid season. The leaves of this variety are erect in nature. So sunlight cannot fall directly on the copy. This snow white dome shaped copy is very tight. So it is not lost in transport. With proper care the tree bears coppice in 55 to 60 days after planting. Each copy weighs from one to one and a half kilograms. The yield is 20 to 22 tons per acre.
Farmer Raihan Ahmed also said that farmers will benefit by cultivating copies of this variety. He urged local unemployed youths to come forward in farming. Farmers will benefit by selling early-season cauliflower at relatively higher prices before winter.

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