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This time Morocco showed a surprise, Belgium caught up

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Update : Sunday, November 27, 2022

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Qatar World Cup continues to give rise to one surprise after another. Argentina lost to Saudi, Japan lost to Germany. Costa Rica, who scored 7 goals against Spain, defeated Japan 1-0. African country Morocco showed surprise in Qatar World Cup. They beat Belgium, which is in second place in the FIFA ranking, by 2-0.

By holding last year’s runner-up Croatia goalless in the first match, Morocco showed that they can go far in this World Cup. They proved that by defeating Europe’s strongest Belgium in the second match.

Morocco beat Belgium 2-0 in Group F match on Sunday (November 27). Goals were scored by Abdel Hamid Sabiri and Zakaria Abukhalar. The first half was scoreless.

This match was very important for Belgium to beat Canada. If they win, they will almost certainly be the first to reach the last sixteen from this group; But in the end, Hazard, Lukaku’s team has been overwhelmed by the Moroccan storm.

Belgium could have taken the lead if Hazard’s shot in the 52nd minute had not been blocked by the Moroccan goalkeeper in exchange for a corner. In the 65th minute, the shot from the head of the substitute Dries Martin’s box was also caught by the Moroccan goalkeeper.

Morocco’s free-kick goal in the 73rd minute of the second half was immaculate. Abdel Hamid Sabiri’s free-kick from the left side went straight into the Belgium net.

The second goal in the 92nd minute was a sight to behold. Catching the ball from every attack, Hakimi entered the box and pushed the ball past Zakaria Abukhala. Abukhalar stepped on the moving ball and doubled the gap.

The ‘F’ group got quite crowded with the victory of Morocco. Morocco 4 points, Belgium 3 in two matches. On the other hand, Croatia is in the third place with 1 point after a draw in the first match.

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