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PBI started investigation against that SI of Gaibandha

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Update : Friday, November 25, 2022

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PBI has started investigation against SI Nayan Saha of Gaibandha Sadar police station following the complaint made to the IGP regarding the framing of a drug dealer named Mahafuzur Rahman in a false and harassing case.

On Thursday afternoon, a letter was sent to the complainant along with three witnesses from the PBI Gaibandha office (PBI/Gaibandha/3071). The letter asked the witnesses and the complainant to appear in person on November 30.

Following the complaint of the drug dealer in Masterpara area of ​​Gaibandha city to the IGP, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) assigned the investigation to Police Superintendent ARM Alif of Gaibandha Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI).
It is to be noted that Mahfuz was reciting the Quran in the shop like every day after performing Isha prayer on September 9. At that time, suddenly 6/7 police officers in civil dress came and took away the Holy Quran. While greeting them, one of them made a bad comment in response to the greeting and said we have news that you have Yaba in your shop. Saying this, Mahfuz’s shop was destroyed by everyone. After not finding anything in the shop, they took 3 empty phencidil bottles, 3 small ganja from where they took Mahafuz to Sadar Hospital first. There, without any kind of examination, he told the doctor that he had consumed marijuana. After that, the doctor in charge of the emergency department of the hospital wrote what should be written on the official ticket, then the policemen took Mahafuz to the Sadar police station. SI Nayan Saha said to Mahafuz in an angry tone late at night in the Police Station’s Hajat Khana, “You have consumed alcohol. I will admit it to the court and then you will be fined Tk 250 and released.” And I will not exaggerate about these issues.

The day after the incident, when he was sent to the court with a non-affair (marijuana consumption case), the judge sent him to jail when Mahafuz denied consuming marijuana. Mahafuz was released on bail after spending 10 consecutive days in prison. Later on September 28, Mahafuz sent a letter to the IGP to request a proper investigation of the incident and take disciplinary action against SI Nayan Saha.

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