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Wife strangled to frame neighbor, mystery revealed

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Update : Sunday, November 20, 2022

Jewel Chowdhury, Habiganj/

In Nabiganj’s Chargaon, the husband left the house before the Fajr Azan and killed his wife by strangling a neighbor due to a family dispute. Later he came home and told everyone that he found his wife’s dead body on the bed after Fajr prayer. In this incident, the police arrested the murderer Zaru Mia and sent him to the court to unravel the mystery of the murder as soon as possible.

Zaru Mia (55) is the son of deceased Maram Ali of Chargaon village of Nabiganj town area.

It is known that the police recovered the body of his wife Tahura Begum from Zaru Mia’s residence around 8 am last Friday. At that time, husband Zaru Mia said that after Fajr prayer, he found his wife’s throat slit on the bed and informed the police. Later the police interrogated people around Jaru Mia and her 2 sons Manjil Mia and Ramzan Ali. During the interrogation, Zaru Mia kept talking in different ways. On hearing the news, Nabiganj Police Station OC (Operation) Abdul Qayyum arrived at the scene and arrested Zaru Mia after extensive questioning, he confessed to the murder. In this incident, at 12.05 pm on Friday night (yesterday Saturday) Al Amin Jaru Mia, the son of the deceased Tahura Begum (by her previous husband), filed a murder case at Nabiganj Police Station, and the police arrested Jaru Mia and sent her to the court.

According to the police, Tahura Begum got married to Jaru Mia about 30 years ago according to Islamic Shariat after divorcing her previous husband. They also have two children Manzil Mia (27) and Ramzan Ali (20). Jaru had 2 more marriages before marrying Mia Tahura Begum. Jaru Mia being a gambler often beat up Tahura Begum for gambling money. Due to such behavior of Zaru Mia, her son Manjil Mia and Ramzan Ali did not give money to Zaru Mia and Tahura Begum, Zaru Mia had a family conflict. Later, Zaru Mia planned to kill his wife to frame the neighbors Badshah Mia and Saleh Mia due to family quarrels, unable to collect gambling money.

According to the plan, sometime between 10:30 PM and 5:00 AM on Friday last Thursday (November 17), Jaru Mia invisibly grabbed his wife Tahura’s face with his knee and cut the throat of the sleeping Tahura Begum with a sharp blade of a bamboo cutter and killed her half an hour before Fajr Azaan. get out of When he came home, he preached that “After Fajr prayer, he found his wife’s throat cut on the bed.” Later, when the police interrogated Jaru Mia and his 2 sons Manjil Mia and Ramzan Ali, the accused Zaru Mia kept talking in different ways. After Jaru Mia was arrested and interrogated extensively, he admitted that he had killed his wife by slitting her throat.

The officer in charge of Nabiganj police station said. Dalim Ahmed said, “Immediately after the murder, we started to unravel the mystery and bring the killer to justice. On the direction of Superintendent of Police SM Murad Ali sir, we were able to unravel the mystery of the murder and bring the manslaughter under the law at the earliest.”

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