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The World Cup starts today

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Update : Sunday, November 20, 2022

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The curtain rises on ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ today with the match between hosts Qatar and Ecuador. The two teams will meet in the opening match at the Al-Bait Stadium in Al-Khor, Qatar. The match will start at 10 pm Bangladesh time. This will start the month-long battle of the World Cup. Italy is not in Qatar World Cup. The European champions failed to qualify for Europe. However, even if Italy does not have a football team, Italy will be represented in the opening match of the World Cup. Italy’s Daniel Orsato will be the main referee in the Qatar Ecuador match. Many European club football viewers may know Orsato. He managed the PSG Bayern Munich match in the 2020 Champions League Final.

The World Cup is going to be held in winter for the first time in the 88-year history of the World Cup. The Middle East has never hosted a football World Cup before. FIFA has pledged to host a major tournament in the Middle East before 2030. According to that, Qatar hosted the World Cup for the first time after fighting with various adversities and obstacles. Just what! From 1930 to 2018, all 21 previous World Cups were held in summer. That is between May and July. But the exception is the 2022 Qatar World Cup, from today the whole world will be watching the football war in Qatar.

In 1962, the World Cup in Chile started with the theme song in the opening of the World Cup. Chilean band Los Ramblers and Argentinian singer Horgay Rogas performed at the service.

There is variety in the opening ceremony of this year’s World Cup. Karpanya is not sparing at all in grandeur and magnificence. 60,000 spectators will be lost in the music. Korean band BTS will perform alongside local artists, despite the mystery surrounding Shakira and Kiz Daniel. Leo Baby will sing the theme song. Manal, Rehma and Nora Fatehi will dance with him. There is a brilliant flash of fireworks.

The dream journey will begin at the Al Bait Stadium of dreams. 8 pm Bangladesh time. Maybe all busyness will stop. A pair of eyes will be lit in front of that TV set. Where will the Great Yajna of Qatar start? The height of curiosity is therefore what will be in the opening of the World Cup. There will be a special exhibition on the history and traditions of Qatar. The story behind all the huge buildings. The history of the World Cup will also gain prominence.

Then it’s time to get lost in the music. Leo Baby will sing the official theme song of the 22nd season ‘The World is Yours to Take’. Bollywood hardcore Nora Fatehi will perform with him. Manal and Rehma will be with Nora.

Shakira and Kiz Daniel are also rumored to be singing. But the organizers have kept the matter a secret till now. However, the song of the famous Korean band BTS will create a different atmosphere. Where the surprise is the youngest member of BTS, Jungkook. Who is going to be part of this soundtrack. Besides, pop singer Dua Lipa, Black Eyed Peas, Jay Balvin and Nigerian musician Patrick Nayemeka Okorie can be seen at the opening ceremony. Performances by local artists will also be featured.

The second phase of the opening ceremony will feature Laib, the official mascot of the World Cup. Arabic meaning highly skilled player. Then the fireworks will begin. And in the meantime, the grand event will end.

A century ago, Qatar was announced as the host of the World Cup. Criticism has been going on since then. The wave of criticism, however, is not reducing FIFA’s revenue. Yesterday FIFA President in his press conference said about their profit in this World Cup, FIFA’s income in this World Cup will be more than any other World Cup. 5-6 million more in additional revenue.’ This is good news for FIFA member countries, ‘Today is the FIFA Summit. I will inform all the countries there. Of course, this is great news for everyone,” said the FIFA president.

FIFA dividends from the World Cup were usually distributed to the football community. This time it will be distributed in the education of underprivileged children. A few days ago I allocated millions of money for the education of many children in India. Qatar also supported us in making this decision. We were able to take this initiative because they agreed to our proposal.

All World Cup matches will be held in Qatar’s capital, Doha. There will be a total of 64 matches in 8 stadiums built around Doha, the capital of Qatar. 32 teams divided into eight groups will participate in this year’s World Cup. Each of the four teams in the group will play three matches each. After three matches, the best two teams in the points table will get tickets to the last sixteen. If a team is tied on points in group stage matches, the team leading on goal difference advances to the next stage. If the goals are still equal then the team that scores more goals will get the ticket to the next round.

However, if points are equal, goal difference is equal and number of goals scored is equal, then the group stage will see each other. Even there if everything is equal then the team which has seen less cards will go to the next round. If there is a tie, then the team leading in the FIFA ranking will go to the last sixteen. This will be the first time that female referees will be seen at the men’s football World Cup. Over the years, the opposite has been seen in world football. Women’s football had male referees. Women referees will be seen in men’s FIFA World Cup this time.

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