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Akram, a child student, was murdered for allegedly stealing 110 rupees

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Update : Sunday, November 20, 2022

Staff Reporter, Habiganj/

The police have solved the mystery of the murder of Akram Khan (9), a student of late Samayun Kabir Reza Hafizia Madrasa located in Makrampur Union of Baniachong Upazila. The students involved in the murder were classmates from the same madrasa. The murderers had premeditatedly killed him and disappeared the body on suspicion of stealing money from Trunk. But they did not pass. After only 4 days, the mystery of the murder was revealed by further investigation by the Thana police.

According to police sources, Tk 110 was stolen from the trunk of madrasa student Fakhrul Mia a few days ago. Chaur has Akram with a key that unlocks most of the madrasah’s trunks. They suspect Akram. Fakhrul Mia, Zaheed Mia and Faiz Uddin feel anger against Akram on this matter and plan to teach him if he gets a chance.

On November 16, like every other day, Akram (9) and other children woke up before the Fajr Azan, after reciting the Holy Quran, they ate breakfast and fell asleep in their beds in the madrasa at 10 am. In this, Fakhrul Mia (16), Md Faiz Uddin (13) and Md Zaheed Mia (15) lie down pretending to sleep. When Akram went to the bathroom at 11 in the morning, these three took him under the gourd tree of the nearby Fishery and tied his hands and feet with Laylon rope. When Akram wanted to scream, they held his face. He then self-inflicted blows to the right side of the head and the right side of the abdomen with a brick to kill him, causing severe bleeding injuries. Even after that, if the death was not confirmed, Akram was caught and taken to a nearby fishery (reservoir) and thrown into the adjacent water. At one point, after the death was confirmed, they threw the victim in the water next to the boat, hid the body, came back to the madrasa and pretended to be asleep. When it became clear that Akram was nowhere to be found, Fakhrul Mia (16), Md Faiz Uddin (13) and Md Zaheed Mia (15) rescued the victim from under the boat with his hands and feet tied. In this incident, Phultara Begum, the victim’s mother, filed a murder case at Baniachong police station. They were sent to jail by the court on Saturday afternoon.

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