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Even after the absence of Khaleda Zia, activists flocked to the Sylhet rally

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Update : Friday, November 18, 2022

Photographed by Jamal Ahmed-MorningGlory.
Sylhet Representative/

Divisional mass meeting of BNP in Sylhet late at night. The party leaders lost themselves in joy. They have been pouring into the gathering place since evening. Even after the absence of BNP leader Khaleda Zia, no one could have imagined that such a mass gathering would take place. The blockade strike could not stop the flow of people crossing the sleepless obstacles. Ignoring the severe winter, the BNP party workers leveled the entire assembly ground at night. It is the result of their united movement.

The bustling atmosphere of these hundreds of leaders and activists coming from different areas of Sylhet division shows that they will remain in the field in the coming days as soldiers of the road. Many central leaders of BNP have been complaining that the Awami League government has filed cases against about 35 lakh people. But this assembly ground of Sylhet proved that no obstacle can stop them. Lawsuits, prisons, oppression and torture are sending them into exile. Blocked Bangladesh Nationalist Ardash in the style of the leader BNP. It is these dedicated workers who have sustained the BNP which is a living proof. There is no doubt that such a large gathering on the eve of the rally has worried the opposition parties. In a word, Sylhet is now on the way to a standstill around the BNP rally.

Meanwhile, the central leaders of the party have arrived in Sylhet. BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir also arrived in Sylhet by air around 9 pm on Friday. He is Hazrat Shahparan. He later visited the shrine of Hazrat Shahjalal.

After visiting the shrine, he said in front of the journalist that this government has destroyed the political structure through 14/15 years of illegal rule. It also destroyed the economy. Common people are in danger. People’s lives have become miserable now. Prices of daily necessities have become unbearable.
He also said that this government has a problem with the reserve. The banking sector has been destroyed. In the overall sense, the country is going through a difficult time. This unelected and illegal government is responsible for this. This is why we have created the movement. The government destroyed the electoral system. Therefore, the only demand of the people of this country is to form a new government through elections under a non-partisan government. People want change.

He also said that the government has detained Khaleda Zia, the popular leader of the country, for four years on false charges. They have sentenced Tarek Zia. Filed cases against 35 lakh people. Still they did not stop. They are obstructing this peaceful gathering of people. People are held hostage. Trying to endanger us. With the police, the gangsters are attacking with the force. Still people are not giving up. You have seen that thousands of people have gathered here before the assembly in the madrasa grounds.

Fakhrul said that no torture, no fascism will survive in the face of the united movement of the people. The people will surely win.

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