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Schoolgirls riding bicycles to take lessons

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Update : Wednesday, November 16, 2022


Suma, Moushumi and Hiya Moni. There are more than a hundred girls. Bicycles for everyone. They go to school in groups with bags full of textbooks. At the end of the lesson, pedaling at the same time back home. They are going to and fro school at a breakneck speed without caring about harassing and torturing some scoundrels.

Recently such a picture was seen in Basudebpur Chandra Kishore School and College of Palashbari Upazila of Gaibandha. Hundreds of girls of this institution come to school by cycling in groups and return safely to their respective homes as soon as the holiday bell rings.
At Amlagachi Girls’ School, the girls go to school in an orderly manner on bicycles. The principal of the school, Salam, said that students from far away schools come to school on bicycles.

It is known that the quality of education in Vasudevpur Chandra Kishore School and College is good. Because of this, girls are coming here from far and wide. They have to hurry to come to school from these parts of the village. During the rainy season, it is more difficult to wade through the water. Vehicles are not available on the road on time. Even if sometimes available, the drivers charge more. At the same time, there is a fear of being bullied by scoundrels. As a result, it is safer to go to and from school by bicycle in a group. After thinking about these things, the school teachers and parents together decided that girls as well as boys will come to school by bicycle, now hundreds of students are regularly commuting to school by bicycle. Eighth grade student Eva Akhter says, ‘My house is two kilometers away. I commute to school by bicycle every day. At first there was a little problem. But now there is no problem. Earlier it used to take a long time to walk to school. So there was no regular coming and going to school. A lot of time is saved by bringing bicycles now.’

Hiya Moni, a 7th grader said, “Running to and from school by bicycle saves both time and money. Besides, there is no fear of eve-teasing. So we go to school as a group of friends. Return home after school. Abdur Rahim said that his daughter is in sixth grade. To save time and money and to travel safely to school, he bought his daughter a bicycle. Going to school together with friends. By doing this, he is free from worry. Principal of Vasudevpur Chandra Kishore School and College AKM Abdur Noor said that to encourage girls in education, after talking to their parents, bicycles have been arranged for them. Now the girls of my school come to school on time by cycling in groups. School teachers also encourage them to come on bicycles. There is no fear of security if you come together in a group.

Palashbari upazila secondary education officer Mohammad Mahtab Hossain said that the female education rate has increased more than before. Various government facilities including stipends continue to encourage them to attend school. Along with that, the girls of that school ride bicycles in groups to study, it is a very good aspect.

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