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Drug smugglers are coming through Chunarughat border, godfathers are caught

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Update : Wednesday, November 16, 2022

From Jewel Chowdhury, Habiganj/

Chunarughat Upazila has consumed the youth and youth with drugs. Phencidyl, ganja and a type of yaba made in India from across the border are being smuggled in microbuses, CNG and in some cases expensive cars. Recently, a campaign against drugs has been launched. This does not stop drug trafficking. No big drug dealer has been arrested yet in the police operation. Chunopuntirai is being arrested.

On October 14, in a special operation of the Chunarughat police station, the police arrested a businessman along with 6 kg of ganja, 17 bottles of Officer’s Choice, 23 bottles of Knight Riders liquor. Bishu Mal (27), son of Ganesh Mal of Khas Chimtbil, was arrested from the road in front of doctor’s bungalow in Amu Cha Bagan, Ahmedabad UP, under the direction of Superintendent of Police SM Murad Ali.

It is known that Chunarughat Upazila has a border area of ​​about 74 km. Within this border, from Kalenga through Balla to Satchari, the entire border area is hilly except for a small part, and drugs are being smuggled freely day and night. Across the border, hilly residents of 5 districts of Tripura state have been cultivating large quantities of ganja commercially for the past few years. 80 percent of these ganja are smuggled into Bangladesh. Besides, Phencidil factory has been established near the border. Phencidil manufactured in these factories is mainly being smuggled to Bangladesh. It is believed that hundreds of crores worth of ganja and Phencidil have been smuggled into Bangladesh through Satchari, Guibil, Chimti, Kalenga, Rema and Balla borders. The border of Balla-Guibil-Chimtibil-Satchari hill area from Kalenga is about 74 km. But there are 4 camps of BGB within 74 km. Every day at least two to two and a half lakh rupees worth of ganja phensidil is being smuggled into Bangladesh by avoiding their eyes. These cannabis plants are being smuggled in CNG or microbuses in different parts of the country through hilly and densely populated villages. Especially hilly area Satchari, Chaklapunji, Chachara, Amu and Nalua tea plantations are the most heavily trafficked cannabis phensidyl.

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