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12 days before the check payment date in Sylhet, dishonor showed kidnappers, fraudsters!

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Update : Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Staff Reporter, Sylhet/

Tulkalam incident happened in Sylhet Adaltpara. There is speculation about it. Accused and advocate together 12 days before the date of payment of the check dishonor showed the kidnapping, fraud circle! A young journalist from Sylhet filed a case alleging that a check (page) and stamp of Laldighi Par Janata Bank branch were taken as hostages along with torture by picking up the journalist, kidnapping in the identity of DB. Whose Kotwali CR Case No-1308/2022. Even after all this, the defendants of that case are not moving. On the contrary, they have resorted to fraud to escape the case. The truth of this is found in the registered legal (lawyer) notice with an A/D given by those fraudsters. This notice was sent on October 17 last month. Again, after filing the CR case in the court, the notice was sent citing the provisions of Section 138 of the N.I. Act. The sender of this notice was Lucky Begum, the second alleged defendant in the above CR case. Advocate Md. Jahangir Alam of Sylhet, Judge Court, Bar Hall No. 4 signed it. This has created a commotion in the local area including the court.

It is seen in the legal notice sent by the defendant and the advocate, it is mentioned that payment of check SB-10/FP 4709519 dated 28-06-2022- dated 28-06-2022- in the name account of Prime Janata Bank Limited, Sylhet Corp. Branch No. 0100001782619 . Besides, the notice mentions that Lucky Begum has dishonored the said check on 16/06/2022 with the remark of insufficient funds when she deposited it in her own name Sonali Bank Limited, Court Building Branch, under the guise of fraud. He did not stop at this but instead threatened the plaintiff of the CR case with a lawsuit including payment of the amount of the pawned check within thirty days of receiving the reverse notice. Advocate Md. Jahangir Alam confirmed the truth of sending this notice to the reporter over the phone. He also confirmed that no mistake or fraud was resorted to in the notice sent.

It is mysterious but the truth is that as per the notice of the alleged defendant and the advocate ‘how can the check be dishonored on 16th June 2022 if the check is paid on 28th June 2022’ that too at Sonali Bank Limited, Court Building Branch. Which means that the check has been dishonored almost 12 days before the check payment date! Due to this, the Tulkalam case is also going on in the court district. It has also come up with the shameful activities of the alleged advocate Md. Jahangir Alam. There is speculation. On the other hand, the plaintiff in the CR case has already responded to this notice through his advocate. And they are conditioned to refrain from such immoral activities.

Meanwhile, after reviewing the notice sent, it can be seen that the defendants did not take any checks from the journalist as hostages in the name of Prime Janata Bank Limited, Sylhet Corp. Branch. However, the check taken hostage was of Laldighi Par Janata Bank Branch Ltd. On the day and night of the incident, the page of the undated check book was snatched away by the accused and kept in their custody. Along with the check book were three blank white paper stamps of Rs 100. However, in order to get rid of the case in a hurry, the fraudulent kidnappers gave birth to another new incident by putting dates on the pages of the check book and arranging the ‘Judge Mia drama’. On the other hand, a concerned police source is still working in the field to recover the confiscated checks and stamps. A source from the Bandarbazar police outpost confirmed its authenticity. During the discussion with the plaintiff of the case, it is known that the defendants are threatening in various ways to stop the witnesses mentioned in the case. Currently, the plaintiff in the case is suffering from extreme insecurity.

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