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The construction work of the school has not been completed even in 3 long years, teaching is going on in the shop

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Update : Saturday, November 12, 2022

Sharifuzzaman, Basil/Tangail/Representative/

The construction of a school building in Tangail’s Basile has not been completed in three years. As a result, teaching is going on in the shop with extreme discomfort. The students claim that there is a lot of damage to their studies due to the crowding and noise of people near the shop.

It is known that at the end of 2019, under the Directorate of Education and Engineering, an expenditure of around 66 lakh taka was estimated for the construction of a building of Dumnibari High School in Kauljani Union of Basail Upazila of the district. A contractor named Kazi Traders got the construction work of the one-story building through Trender. The work was supposed to be completed within 300 days, but almost three years have passed and yet the work has not been completed. In these three years only base welding has been done. Currently, the contractor has stopped the work.

Meanwhile, the old tin house was demolished before the construction work started. For this reason, one shop next to the school and another shop next to the market are being taught for a long time. The students are being studied in a room with two small tin sets. Cement shop in the room next to one and shop and market next to the other. Students are facing great difficulty in studying due to the crowd of people and the noise of various machines in the market. They demanded to finish the construction of the building quickly.

Rumi Akhtar, a class 7 student, said that our previous tin house was demolished to make way for the new building. Since then teaching is going on in the shop. There is a cement shop next to it. A lot of dirt comes in while taking out the cement from the neighboring shop. There is a lot of noise when opening the door of the shop. And it’s very hot here. 42 students have to study in one room. There is a lot of noise in class. This is causing a lot of disturbance in our studies. The construction of the building was not completed even in three years. I don’t know when we will be able to hold classes in the new building.

Class IX student Samia Akhter Setu said, “The room is near the road and the market.” Lots of heat and noise here. There are many problems in our education due to the noise of people and various machines. Can’t read well with my mind here. It is not a class room environment. A lot of people travel through here and this is causing problems. Our mind goes elsewhere.’

Alya Akhter, assistant teacher of the school, said, “Our previous tin house was demolished to build the new building of the school. Since then classes are being taken by renting the shop. This causes many problems in the students’ studies. It is necessary to take quick action in this regard.

School assistant Azizul Islam said, “I heard that the person who was the contractor earlier gave the work to someone else. Only the base of the building has been cast. Since then, the work has stopped. The existing tin house was demolished during the commencement of work. Then we got into a class crisis. That’s why I am taking classes by renting two rooms.

Shariful Islam, the head teacher of the school said, ‘The work became trending in 2019. Then the building was shut down a few days after the work started. Still working. Since the demolition of the tin house, classes have been going on by renting two rooms. Students are having trouble taking classes. I demand the construction of the building quickly.

Kazi Sumon, the contractor of the building, said, “We who are the contractors are going bankrupt. Now the price of all construction materials has increased. The previous rod is difficult to work with. Even making a badge costs 15-20 lakhs. After casting the badge, the bill was only one and a half lakhs. He could have paid Tk 10 lakh from the office, but they said – there is no money in the fund.’

Shahriar, assistant engineer of the Department of Education and Engineering in Tangail, said, “We have stopped their payment after the work was stopped for a long time. The contractor has been blacklisted. The work was to be completed in 300 days. The work will be started soon.

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