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Expatriates, teachers-students and philanthropists are under the grip of litigants in Kanighat

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Update : Saturday, November 12, 2022

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Several expatriates, teachers, students and philanthropists are under the grip of litigants in Sylhet’s Kanighat. Allegations of harassment have been found in such conspiratorial false cases. The expatriates are Saudi expatriates Abdul Latif (49) and Farid Uddin (47), son of deceased Maqbul Ali of Fatehganj village of Kanighat upazila. Madrasa teachers, college students and prominent philanthropists were not spared from such cases.

It is known that Abdul Latif arrived in Saudi Arabia in 2003 to meet family poverty. Similarly, Farid Uddin, another expatriate, migrated to Saudi Arabia. After that they came to the country several times. They had a fairly good married life with their family relatives. They had no previous antagonism with anyone. In January 2022, an alleged person from the same area made a general diary at Russel Robi Kanighat police station, accusing Abdul Latif of threatening him with death by keeping him in his sleeping room. whose diary no-1096/2022-. He himself did not know what conspiracy was being spread against him. At one point, he came to know from the exile that instructions have been given from the Sylhet court to the Kanighat police station to rake the goods. That too recently in early November. But he has nothing to do in exile. On the other hand, the litigator gang filed another case against Farid Uddin accusing him of beating, extortion, robbery and theft. They are now accused of being remittance fighters. However, a source in their family confirmed to the reporter that they will soon claim the remedy through the Expatriate Welfare Fund (Embassy).

On the other hand, it is known from the search in the local area that Russell Ravi is establishing a reign of terror in his area. A large rogue terrorist group has formed locally. There are several cases against him and some of his accomplices including fraud, bomb blast, women abuse. In spite of these mountains of complaints, the law is being shown a thumbs up, and they are walking around in droves. But it is a mysterious fact that harassing many people in the local area is his addiction and profession. Sometimes by himself as a plaintiff and sometimes by making his relatives as plaintiffs, he easily harasses many simple, simple people. Some have fallen into their hands and become destitute. He also has some dishonest money-hungry police officers in his hands. Investigation shows that he and his relatives have produced the same witnesses in all the cases they have tried till date. Which has made the law and order force to a bone. He gives them a witness whenever there is an incident. Although there are so many people in the local area, no one else is present at the time of his incident. Only those witnesses described the incident!
It is alleged that by selling the name of the father and grandfather, starting from civil cases to criminal cases, they are harassing many people of the village. His father Nur Uddin was not left out. On the same ground, he filed a suit once as a plaintiff, and his father also filed another case. In addition, he has several women in his hands. Conspiracy cases are also arranged with them. If anyone protested, they were attacked, sued and litigated. In the urgency of the need, using other people’s names, the tips were handed over to the Kanighat police station and a diary was made. Recently, such sensational information has come out in the investigation of the bomb blast case. Sylhet CID zone office is investigating the case. Another case of his is being investigated by Sylhet PBI and Kanighat police station. Not only that, he and his father are filing various conspiratorial cases regarding the land sold by his forefathers. Many expatriates are being sued in the same way by making different excuses every time. But it can be seen that those people are living abroad and cases are pending against them in the country. Many are disoriented today due to the harassment of some dishonest investigating officers. Due to lack of proper investigation, their misdeeds are increasing day by day. To get rid of this, they sought the attention of the higher authorities of the law enforcement agencies.

When Russell contacted Ravi’s mobile phone to inquire about this, he said that there is a dispute with them regarding the land. They are harassing me by filing various cases against me. They are not willing to accept any arbitration meeting in the local area. In response to another question, he avoided talking about expatriates. He said about the bomb blast, blasting the flashlight is called bomb blast. On the other hand, when talking to CID officer Mizan, who is investigating the bomb blast case, he said that the investigation of the case is not with him now. He does not know who has been given instead. However, he said to take a look at the office. When PBI official contacted Suhail, he said that the case of Russel Ravi’s father is under investigation. On the other hand, the investigating officer of another case, SI Piyush of Kanighat police station, said that the investigation of the case with him is going on.

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