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Service aspirants angry at Dr. Mohsin’s Ram reign

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Update : Thursday, November 10, 2022

Mymensingh Correspondent/

Doctor Md. Mohsin Uddin continues to reign alone in Muktagachha Upazila Health Complex of Mymensingh. He harassed the clinic owners on various pretexts including reluctance to provide services to the patients who came to the hospital for medical treatment, misbehaving with the patients, asking the patients to come to his chamber on the grounds that they are not receiving good treatment in the government hospitals and sending the patients to the clinics of his choice. This has been the complaint of local political leaders, clinic owners and many prominent people of the society including those who come to the hospital for medical treatment.

It is known that Dr. Mohsin and his wife Dr. Tanya Afrin are both working as medical officers in Muktagachha Upazila Health Complex. Dr. Mohsin is a doctor in the department of medicine and his wife is a doctor in the department of gynecology. In addition to their job, they have opened their own chamber called Muktagacha Doctors Choir on Maharaja Road of the upazila to see patients regularly. It has become his daily routine to misbehave with the patients who come to the hospital for treatment as well as provide services. Arjijul Haque of the municipality, Nilufa Akhtar of Kumaragata, Munni Akhtar of Ghoga Union, Rozina Akhtar of Kheruajani have complained that husband and wife have opened their own chambers in the city in the name of providing medical services to the patients in the hospital and medical services.

Expressing his anger, a local school teacher said, “When I went to the upazila health complex doctor Mohsin with my wife, he behaved very badly with my wife. People don’t think patients are doctors. If they treat us like this, then think how they treat normal patients.

Accusing Dr. Mohsin, Munni Akhtar said, “When I went to him, I beat a lot of bushes and said, the treatment here will be like this, if you want to get good treatment, come to my chamber in the afternoon.”

When talking to the clinic owners about this, most of the clinic owners said with anger and fear, Upazila Health Department is following his instructions, but if we open our mouths or talk about it, our clinic will be fined or harassed the next day on various pretexts.

Local political leaders and representatives of civil society said that hospitals are calling patients to their chambers without providing them with proper treatment, which is a matter of concern. He continues to reign alone in the upazila health complex. Some hospital doctors, along with clinic owners are trying to ruin the medical sector. Concerned authorities should take action against him now. Otherwise, the hospital’s medical services will be turned upside down.
When Dr. Mohsin Uddin was contacted on mobile to inquire about this, he said that if you want to take a statement, you should come directly to the hospital and take the statement.

Upazila Health Complex Family Planning Officer Dr. Jannatul Ferdous said, I am hearing this from you for the first time. If someone makes such a written complaint against anyone in the hospital, action will be taken against him after investigation.

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