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Bangladesh has become a town of fear and excitement: Rizvi

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Update : Thursday, November 10, 2022


BNP’s senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said, “Bangladesh has turned into a panic-stricken township.” Now every day our leaders are being taken away. After being picked up and kept hidden for a few days, the arrest is shown. They are sending our leaders to jail by canceling their bail. He said these things at a press conference at the party’s central office in Naya Paltan in the capital on Thursday.

Rizvi said, “Awami Police is raiding the houses of BNP leaders every day across the country. Harassment and misbehavior during raids on BNP leaders’ houses. Abusing women. Police raided the house of late Bachchu Mia Ali, former commissioner of Faridpur and city BNP president, who died 12 years ago, on Tuesday midnight. A member of the Munshiganj district BNP convening committee, who died a year ago, was attacked by white-clad men at his house. During the raid at their house, the police treated the women badly.

Rizvi also said, ‘Police have started raids at the houses of BNP leaders and activists to make mass arrests before the divisional mass meeting of BNP in Faridpur. Apart from arresting seven people in Nagarkanda, the police harassed the houses of at least six leaders in Faridpur. Stopping traffic to prevent every mass rally. Attacking on the way. The arrest is being prosecuted. Will Sheikh Hasina be able to stop the turbulent tide rising in the sea of ​​people? There is no such thing as a dictatorship-friendly society in Bangladesh. Fascism cannot last long here. The faster you feel the heartbeat of the people of Bangladesh, the better you will be. Your time is up. Dissolve the parliament quickly, immediately hand over power to the neutral government and move away.

Senior Joint Secretary General of BNP Rizvi said, “Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was in a very happy mood even two months ago. He went into exile a few days later. These words disappeared. When he saw the people taking to the streets, lakhs upon lakhs-innumerable. He started seeing flowers in his eyes.

Rahul Kabir Rizvi said, “Now the government has to understand that the level of this movement will be different due to the continuity of the past movement. A new dimension will be created in this movement. BNP Acting Chairman Tariq Rahman’s organizational skills and outstanding leadership have created public opinion against the dictatorial fascist government across the country. The movement is now mass oriented with the spontaneous participation of the people under his leadership. Steering in the hands of the crowd. The mafia government and their minions will not be able to stop this mass tide. People’s goal is victory. To reach that goal, they will move forward by resisting the obstacles that come. This time there will be a tsunami of movement. The government will be washed away in that tsunami.

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