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Thousands of devotees will bathe in the blue water of the Ganges on Purnima Tithi in Kuakata

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Update : Sunday, November 6, 2022

SK Ranjan, Kalapara/Patuakhali/Representative/

On Purnima Tithi filled with the belief that worldly sins will be washed away, thousands of Sanatan devotees will bathe in the blue water of Kuakata. According to the calendar, the full moon will begin on Monday at 4:23 pm. It will be till 4:19 pm the next day. On the occasion of Sri Sri Krishna’s Ras festival in Kalapara of Patuakhali, devotees of Sanatan religion men and women will bathe in the huge sea at dawn on the same Purnima Tithi as every year. Crowds of saints and monks, pilgrims and visitors from different parts of the country will throng Kuakata beach. Due to the development of Padma Bridge and communication system, there will be a large gathering of people this year, Kuakata tourism officials said.

Meanwhile, members of Ansar, VDP, police, RAB, intelligence agencies will be in the field to provide security to the pilgrims. Besides, it is known from the administration sources that the pilgrims will be monitored through CC cameras and check posts at various points.

Meanwhile, the 5-day Rasa festival of Sri Sri Krishna has started at Sri Sri Madanamohan Sevashram in Kalapara town on Sunday evening at 9:30 pm. The ashram premises have been decorated in a new style. 17 pairs of twin idols of Radha Krishna have been installed. A fair has been organized at the same time. Shopkeepers from different parts of the country will arrange various kinds of pashas. And the organizers said that the last minute preparations are going on for that fair.

Locals said that before taking a bath, many devotees of Sanatan religion will shave their heads and do Pinddan. They will offer bel leaves, flowers, paddy, durba, haritaki, dab, banana, oil, vermilion etc. in the sea water in the hope of auspiciousness. However, the whole beach will be resplendent with the sound of Ulu, Gita reading and drumming. After taking a bath, the pilgrims will gather in groups to visit the 17 pairs of Radha Krishna twin idols at the Sri Sri Madan Mohan Sevashram courtyard in Kalapara Town and meet at the fair.

According to Sanatana Dharmalambi, during the Dwapara Yuga, seeing the suffering, misery, violence, violence of the people and suppressing the evil and preserving the creation, Lord Krishna himself came to earth in the name of Krishna. The holy land of Vrindavan was resounding with the dance of the gopinis and the melodious sound of Krishna’s flute. Later Sri Radha turned this festival of union of Krishna into Rasa Mahotsav through Nama-Sankirtan by Sri Chaitanya. That He is present in the universe is witnessed by this rasa leela on Purnima Tithi. Following that Leela, the Rasa Mela and Kuakata’s Ganga Bathing are going on in Kalapara’s Sri Sri Madan Mohan Sevashram courtyard.

Kalapara Sri Sri Madan Mohan Sevashram Prahit Parimal Chandra Das said, for hundreds of years Ganga Snan at Kuakata and Ras Utsav is being held at Kalapara on this Purnima Tithi. According to religious beliefs, bathing in the sea on this day removes sins and brings welfare to people.

Kalapara Shri Madan Mohan Sevashram Committee General Secretary Adv. Nathuram Bhowmik said, the traditional Ras Leela festival and fair program started at around 9:30 pm on Sunday. The five-day Raas festival will continue non-stop. Kunjbhang and Mahaprasad will be distributed on November 10. Already the shopkeepers have arranged various stalls in the temple premises. Besides, the entire temple area has been brought under the coverage of CC cameras.

Kuakata Municipal Mayor Md. Anwar Hawladar said, this time, as the Padma Bridge is being opened, the number of people is expected to be ten times higher than before. Many floating traders have already arrived and gathered. They are arranged to sit in order. Also, there will be regular monitoring by the Municipal Council.

Kuakata Tourist Police Inspector Md. Hasanain Parvez said that additional police have been deployed from Barisal for the safety of visitors. Apart from this, the tourist police team will be on regular patrol.

Upazila Executive Officer Shankar Kumar Baidya said that adequate measures have been taken for the safety of all the visitors who will come.

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