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Attacks are a major weapon of A-League: Mirza Fakhrul

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Update : Saturday, November 5, 2022

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BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said that during the tenure of BNP only development happened in the country. And during the period of Awami League there was famine in the country. He said this while addressing the chief guest at BNP’s divisional rally at Bangabandhu Udyan in Barisal on Saturday.

Fakhrul said, “As long as BNP was in power, there has been development in the country. There has been a lot of development in this Barisal during the tenure of BNP. Khaleda Zia gave the category here. University gave, BKSP gave. And Awami League gave famine.

He said, “Martyr President Ziaur Rahman announced the liberation war. Everyone in the country participated in the liberation war and made the country independent. Everyone dreamed of building a beautiful country. But Awami League has crushed all our dreams one by one. Destroyed all dreams.

BNP Secretary General said, ‘Awami League has been dreaming of the same dream for 14-15 years and they are working in such a way that they want to establish a one-party rule in the country. But wants to keep a shell of democracy.

He said, “Numerous cases have been filed in the name of BNP activists and they have been attacked. Attacks and cases are their (Awami League) big weapons. They will file a case against those whom they attack.

Fakhrul said, “Even the scholars and scholars of our country are not spared today. False cases are being filed against them. They are being arrested and kept in jail. No one is safe.’

Regarding the country’s economic crisis, he said, “All the money is being smuggled and taken abroad.” The global crisis, the dollar crisis, the Russia-Ukraine war are being talked about, but it was not remembered when the money was being stolen and smuggled, sent abroad! I did not remember then.

Secretary General of BNP said, ‘They (Awami League) held a big event in Hatirjheel that the country is self-sufficient in electricity. Where is that electricity now? All looted in the name of Quick Rentals. There is no field that they have not stolen.’

Regarding the upcoming elections, Mirza Fakhrul said, ‘We are very clear, there will be no elections under Hasina. He should resign. Parliament should be dissolved. Power should be given to caretaker government. That government will form a new election commission. Then you have to choose.

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