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The children of Yamuna Char are still in the dark

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Update : Monday, October 31, 2022

Palash Mandal, Saryakandi/Bogra/Representative/


The sons and daughters of Yamuna Char are staying in the dark. Like parents, they do not get the light of education. Since there is no educational institution in Char area, boys and girls spend their time helping their parents in household work from morning till night. As there is no idea in the field of education, their talent is being consumed day by day by the primitive life system. According to local sources, the sons of the residents of Bill area.

This money helps the parents in household work. Also, he wakes up first and takes care of the horse. She says I never went to school. My parents never asked me to go. How can you say, my parents are not educated. If my parents were educated, they would have sent me to school. And there is no school in our area, where should I go to study?

Morjina Begum of Baniapara Char said, we have 5 villages in Char. There are 120 families in Baniapara Char alone. Each house has 2/3 boys and girls. There are at least 700 families in these 5 pastures. According to that there are about 1 thousand 5 hundred boys and girls. 26 years ago we came to this pasture, but there was no school in these pastures. Qazi Azadul Islam of Milonpara Char village said that there is a school in Char but it is 4 km away in Char Majhira of Bohail Union. 2/1 of the boys and girls go to that school but they cannot go to school because there is no road to go to school because it is submerged in flood water. Also teachers are absent 5 days a week even if they come one day. Even if they stay, they come at 12 noon and leave by 2 o’clock. How will the education of Char said?

Sonahar Islam of Taltala Char said that many people bring many projects because of the development of Char. But without implementing it, they pocketed a lot of money. Although many projects have been taken up for the education of Char’s boys and girls, they are not implemented. How is the education of Char people possible? If radical changes are not brought, the light of education will not reach them, the sons and daughters of Char.

In this regard, Karnibari Union Parishad Chairman Anwar Hossain Dipan said that many people in my union are highly educated but do not do any work for the education of the people of Char. As the people of Char do not have roads, markets and educational institutions, the people there are living in a lot of hardship. Higher levels of government need to think about raising the standard of living along with education.


Upazila Assistant Education Officer Shah Iliach Uddin said that there was a school in Char, but it was raised on the embankment due to the breach of the river. According to the decision of Upazila Education Committee 4 years ago, it was decided to transfer 10 schools to Char. However, it was not possible due to the case in the school committee court or court. Due to which the school is not possible in the said Char village. Also, it is not true that the teachers do not go to school. But they go at 12 o’clock but come back at 2 o’clock. This is their old disease.

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