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Udichi Art Group celebrated its 54th anniversary in a colorful event

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Update : Saturday, October 29, 2022

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The 54th anniversary of the establishment of the traditional cultural organization Bangladesh Udichi Art Group was celebrated in a colorful event. A colorful event was held at the central Shaheed Minar on Saturday (October 29) afternoon, with the slogan “People’s lives in the trap of exploitation, fighting songs in the liberation march”.

At the beginning of the opening ceremony, the artists of Udichir performed the national anthem and the organization’s anthem. Along with this, the initiators and guests hoisted the national flag and the flag of the organization. The program of the foundation anniversary was inaugurated by six distinguished personalities from 6 different fields. They are Golam Mohammad Idu, one of the founders of Udichi, Akhtar Hussain, the founding organizer and prominent writer of Udichi, Mala Rani Sarkar, who has the unique achievement of developing several footballers of Bangladesh women’s football team who won the SAFF Championship, Mohammad Nowsher Ali, one of the organizers of the movement against the stubborn decision to close the jute mills. , Sandhya Bhowmik, one of the organizers of the logical and successful movement of tea workers demanding wage hike and Lata Samaddar, a teacher who stood up despite being publicly harassed by a police constable for tipping.

Also, veteran freedom fighter and veteran communist leader Leena Chakraborty was present on the occasion. Apart from the national and organization music, two group mass songs were performed by artists from Udichi.

After that, the discussion phase started under the chairmanship of Udichi Central Parliament President Prof. Badiur Rahman. Amit Ranjan Dey, General Secretary of Udichi Central Sangsad, delivered the welcome speech moderated by Iqbalul Haque Khan, Deputy General Secretary of Udichi Central Sangsad.

In the discussion, the speakers said that the lives of the people of the country are currently in the net of various types of exploitation-deprivation-oppression. On the one hand, there is an impossible kind of discrimination, inconsistency, irregularity, anarchy in the society, on the other hand, party influence and misogyny are seen at almost all levels. There have even been cases of brutal behavior towards respectable teachers, disrespecting them or openly torturing and killing them. Discriminatory and violent behavior towards women is increasing day by day. Despite being an agricultural state, the farmers do not have peace of mind. They do not get a fair price for the rice produced by the sweat of their heads and feet. But the price of paddy and rice in the wholesale or retail market is skyrocketing. That is, some unscrupulous middleman business syndicates are eating the molasses of profit. Due to the Russia-Ukraine war, this syndicate is increasing the prices of all kinds of daily necessities including the products produced in our country, but it is far from controlling them, rather the government is repeatedly bowing to them.

Speakers also said that in the last few years, attacks, torture and destruction of religious minorities have been carried out using social media using almost the same tactics, but the state has not been able to complete the trial of any of those incidents.

Then the anti-corruption song-poetry-play Dhar Dhar, Chor Chor was performed by Udichi Central artistes. Nirab Nithor performed cover songs, Mahmud Salim and Habibul Alam, Suraiya Parveen, Avinash Baul and Zakir Hossain performed solo music. Recitations were performed by Naila Tarannum Kakali and Bachik artiste Shampa Das from West Bengal, India, group dances performed by Ripon and Choya of Nrityam.

Apart from this, Udichi Central Drama Department performed the anti-communal street play Anjatanama. Besides, the documentary film Bhumihin Bhumiputra made by Pradip Ghosh, Deputy General Secretary of Udichi Central Sangsad, based on the Santal village eviction incident in Gobindganj, Gaibandhar, was screened. The second part of the program was moderated by Kangkan Nag and Halima Noor Papan, members of the Udichi Central Editorial Board.

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