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Speech impaired Sobahan was not rescued even after 2 long months

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Update : Saturday, October 29, 2022

Muhammad Abu Musa. Bogra Representative/

Speech impaired Md. Sobahan (45) of Sardhankuti village of Bogra Gabtali was not rescued even after 2 long months. He did not return home until early morning of September 1. In this incident, on September 14, his wife Kanchan Begum filed a General Diary (GD) at Gabtali Model Police Station as a plaintiff, but no trace has been found yet. As the speech-impaired Md. Sobahan was not recovered even after 2 months, doubts and many questions are being created among the family and the local residents.

When I spoke to Jamirul Islam, OC (Investigation) of the police station about this, he said that after the General Diary (GD) was made at the police station, we informed through wireless message. Apart from this, our search activity is ongoing. Speech impaired Md. Sobahan’s height – 5 feet 2 inches, complexion – fair, face – round, beard on his face. Apart from this, the General Diary (GD) of Gabtali Model Police Station No. 715 dated 14-09-22.

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