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Bangladesh is 127 out of 140 countries in the world under the rule of law

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Update : Friday, October 28, 2022

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Bangladesh ranks 127th among 140 countries in the world in terms of rule of law. Bangladesh has deteriorated by two steps compared to last year. This information has been highlighted in the Rule of Law Index 2022 report of the US-based World Justice Project. This information was published on Wednesday on the company’s own website.

The organization said the rule of law is internationally recognized as a foundation for peace, justice, respect for human rights, effective democracy and sustainable development. Each of these factors affects the daily life of the individual.

Pakistan ranks 129th, two places behind Bangladesh, in the world’s rule of law ranking on an average of eight categories. Myanmar’s position is 132nd. But India’s position is much better, 77th. Apart from this, Sri Lanka is 74th, Nepal is 69th and Afghanistan is 138th. Bangladesh ranks fourth among six South Asian countries in this list.

The Washington-based organization’s index is considered the world’s most reliable source of factual information on the rule of law. Denmark is at the top of the list this year. Then Norway and Finland are in second and third position respectively. Venezuela is at the bottom of the index.

The chief research officer of the institution. Alejandro Pons said, this index is based on the views and experiences of 154 thousand people and 3600 experts from 140 countries. The index is based on limitations on government power, absence of corruption, open or transparent government, fundamental rights, order and security, law enforcement, judicial system and criminal justice.

Analyzing these data, it is known that the rule of law decreased in 61 percent of the countries last year. Alejandro commented that although the situation in the world has slightly improved compared to last year, it is still at an alarming level.

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