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Even in 4 long years, Sahera did not get a wheel chair

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Update : Thursday, October 27, 2022

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Physically challenged Sahera Begme cannot move due to lack of a wheel chair. Physically challenged and paralyzed Sahera Begum (75) of Chhota Shimultala village of Palashbari municipality of Gaibandha district. He has been living a non-human life for almost four years due to lack of a wheelchair. Sahera Begum’s family wishes, she needs a wheel chair.

On inquiry, it is known that Sahera Begum, wife of Jobbar of Chhota Shimultala village of Palashbari municipality, is physically challenged. Sahera Jobba’s couple was living some days in a world of scarcity. About 4 years ago, he became physically disabled and bedridden due to paralytic disease. Sahera Begum’s family said, we have no ability to buy a wheel chair, even going to many representatives of the society to no avail. Shaleha, the wife of Sahera Begum’s son, said that if she had a wheel chair, she would be able to move somewhat normally.
Social worker Md. Amizul Islam said, Sahera Begum is really a good person. A wheel chair will reduce Sahera’s suffering at least a little.

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