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A pile of garbage in front of the main gate of Habiganj Sadar Hospital

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Update : Wednesday, October 26, 2022

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The main gate of Habiganj Sadar Modern Hospital has already turned into a garbage dump. Even though there are designated dustbins, all the garbage including garbage, medical waste and food scraps are constantly dumped in front of the gate. That’s why the smell is spreading in the air. And the patients and their relatives coming from far and wide of the district are suffering greatly. Also, the traders in the hospital area are in trouble. Although the hospital authorities say that the matter has come to their notice, these wastes will be removed soon.

On Wednesday afternoon, staff and nurses working at Habiganj Sadar Modern Hospital were leaving drums full of garbage near the main gate of the hospital. Also patients and their relatives are also filling their waste bags and throwing them there. Due to which the gate has turned into a pile of dirt in the last few days. Residents of the neighborhood think that this situation has happened because of not cleaning every day. Many have been seen actually walking in front of the main gate with their noses held. That’s why common patients say that even good people are likely to become patients here when they come to cure the disease.

Some local residents said that not only patients and their relatives come and go through this main gate of the hospital, but also people from Anantapur, Shaistanagar, Jangal Bahla and other nearby neighborhoods travel here. He said, the garbage of the last few days has now piled up. That’s why the smell is spreading in the air. If these wastes are not removed quickly, then the level of suffering of common people will increase.

When asked about this matter, Habiganj Sadar Modern Hospital Supervisor Aminul Islam Sarkar said, the matter has come to our attention. I am in contact with Habiganj Municipal Authority. These wastes will be removed quickly.

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