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Shaky wooden planks, suffering thousands of people including students

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Update : Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Md. Abu Raihan, Phulpur/Mymensingh/ Representative/

In Mymensingh’s Phulpur, even after 50 years of independence, the desired bridge over the Kharia river, which flows between Chhota Shunui and Bahadurpur villages in Bhaitkandi union, has not been constructed. As a result, about 20,000 people from 5 villages are moving on the wooden bridge at risk.

It is known that for a long time, people used to travel on the Kharia river running through the village of Chhota Shunui-Bahadurpur of Vaitkandi Union No. 3 of the upazila for a long time. The local residents have been demanding the construction of a bridge over this river for a long time with the local public representatives and the concerned department. But as the government did not build a bridge over this river, a wooden bridge was built on the initiative of the villagers.

The present government under the leadership of Awami League has constructed many roads and bridges in Phulpur upazila in the last 13 years. But the bridge is not being constructed on the Kharia river which flows between Chhota Shunui-Bahadurpur village of Bhaitkandi union of Phulpur upazila. The only hope for the people of the surrounding villages is to travel by boat during the rainy season and dangerous wooden boats during the dry season. Because of this, about 20 thousand people of 5 villages are in extreme suffering. The residents of the area have been demanding the construction of a bridge here since the independence of the country. But their demand was not fulfilled even in 50 years.

Residents said that there are several public and private educational institutions on both sides of the river. Students have to risk their lives to cross this river. During the rainy season, the wood becomes slippery and it becomes difficult to move. During the dry season, accidents also occur while crossing on wooden planks. For the people of this region, this is the only road that connects to the Phulpur-Mymensingh highway. It takes about one and a half to two hours. However, if a bridge is constructed over this Kharia river, it will take less time to go to the district headquarters including Phulpur. In addition to the suffering of their own travel, the cost of traveling to market the various vegetables and fruits produced in this village is also high. This is the only road leading to the Union Parishad. Many people promised to build the bridge during the vote. But as soon as the vote is over, they forget about the construction of the bridge. As a result, nothing works.

Umar Farooq, son of Abul Kalam of Ragurampur village, said that the demand for the lives of people like us for the risk-free movement of people like us has remained neglected for almost 50 years. This wooden bridge has also become dangerous for the elderly and young children of the area to cross. The people of the area are demanding the government to build a bridge quickly here.

Hossain, son of farmer Sharafat Ali of Shunui village, said, “My father and grandfather were also this Kheyar Majhi. Later, at the initiative of the people of Elka, first bamboo and then wooden Sanko was built. If the bridge is built here, the people of the area will not suffer.

When asked about this, Chairman of No. 3 Vaitkandi Union, Alauddin Ahmed John acknowledged the suffering and said that there is a plan to build a bridge here soon.

Phulpur upazila engineer Rakib ul Hafiz said, I do not know about this, but I will find out.

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