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Residents of Habiganj suffer from the drizzling rain

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Update : Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Jewel Chowdhury, Habiganj Representative/

Habiganj city has been raining since early morning due to Cyclone Sitrang. Due to the rain, water has accumulated on some of the main roads of the city, the low-lying areas have been flooded.

Monday (October 24) has been raining in torrential, moderate, or drizzle since early morning till now. The rain is accompanied by strong winds. Those who went out for office or business work in the morning, they fell into the transportation crisis in the beginning.

There were few vehicles on the city roads but rickshaws were plentiful. However, the condition of the rickshaw pullers is getting wet in the rain. Meanwhile, the traffic in the city was relatively low on busy weekdays. No one went out to work except for urgent needs. Attendance of office court staff was also low.

Due to the rain, the city’s Shaistanagar Bazar, Thanar Mor, Chowdhury Bazar are full of hawkers as usual. The sidewalk was somehow empty. Many of the pedestrians had raincoats or umbrellas on their heads. But because the umbrella was overturned again and again in the gusty wind, a person named Himel was annoyed and said, “Umbrella can’t be washed in such a wind.” You see, I put an umbrella on my head but both shirt and pants are wet. And sometimes it gives such a wind that the umbrella overturns, the stem breaks.

Many thought the rain would stop after evening. But as the weather became more violent in the evening, people going out for work in the morning were in danger.

Low income people are suffering the most from the rains. Their days are spent in various crises since morning.

Incidentally, the deep depression created in the Bay of Bengal has turned into a terrible cyclone. Which is named as ‘Sitrang’. The cyclone is coming towards Bangladesh by repeatedly changing its course. Cyclone Sitrang is likely to hit Khepupara in Patuakhali by midnight on Monday (24 October) or early morning on Tuesday (25 October). Later, it may hit 19 sub-tropical districts of the country, said officials of the Meteorological Department. However, according to the sources of the Meteorological Office, such showers can last for two days.

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