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Journalists not bound to reveal source of news: High Court

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Update : Sunday, October 23, 2022

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The High Court has ruled that no journalist is bound to disclose the source of his news information to anyone. Justice Md. Nazrul Islam Talukder and Justice Kazi Izarul Haque Akander High Court Bench.

Justice Md. in the case of State vs. Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). The full 51-page verdict was released after the signature of the High Court bench comprising Nazrul Islam Talukder and Justice Kazi Izarul Haque Akand.

In the observation of the judgment, the court said, after reviewing the hearing of this case, it is evident that a journalist is not bound to disclose the source of his news information to anyone. Article 39 of the Constitution provides for freedom of expression. Media is the fourth pillar of the state, it is an integral part of democracy.

On the whole, our view is that the media and journalists can constitutionally and legally report in the public interest against corruption and the corrupt.

The court mentioned that the role of journalists in protecting democracy and rule of law is undeniable. The observation further states, ‘In the modern world everyone has the right to know. The job of media is to make people aware. Corruption is spreading in every field nowadays. And the media can play an important role against this corruption.

However, the High Court also commented that ‘yellow journalism is not acceptable and supportable’.

The court said in its judgment that the media should focus on portraying the true picture of the society. The law has protected journalists in publishing news against corruption, money laundering and other irregularities in the public interest.

The court expressed hope and said that the media should be focused on portraying the true image of the society. There is corruption, money laundering and public interest – all such news can be covered by journalists constitutionally and legally. The constitutional and legal protection afforded to journalists does not oblige journalists to reveal the source of their news information.

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