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Fishermen are preparing in advance for hunting hilsa fish

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Update : Sunday, October 23, 2022


The fishermen of Patuakhali’s Kalapara are not taking trawlers for hilsa hunting. 22-day ban on catching, transporting and selling hilsa is underway to protect mother hilsa. Because of this, fishing boats and trawlers are not seen in sea or river. As the end of the blockade approaches, the fishermen are getting busier. They are preparing in advance. These fishermen at the wharf are working non-stop without any idle time. Now they have only the yarn, thuria and sharp knife. Someone is cutting the old web and making a new one. Someone is weaving a new web. Someone else is busy putting ropes in new nets. Besides, many are repairing or rebuilding trawlers. Such a picture was seen in fish landing centers Alipur-Mahipur, Gangamati, Dhos, Khajura and fishing villages of the upazila.

Talked with jailer Khalilur Rahman. He is a resident of Dhulasar Union. Just by the sea, Zhou was sitting next to the forest, mending the old cut and torn nets. He said that fishing in the sea in hostile weather caused a lot of damage to the nets. This time the desired hilsa was not caught. Couldn’t even pay the moneylender’s money. As there is no capital to buy a new net, I am forced to sew the torn net and keep it ready. When the ban ends, I will go fishing in the sea again with this net. Another fisherman, Liton Matubbar, said that instead of sitting in the blockade, now we are weaving new nets, changing the ropes of nets, weaving torn nets.

President of Kuakata Ashar Alo Jail Cooperative Association Md. Nizam Sheikh said that there are 1250 jails under his association. These fishermen have not received any food aid till now, even as the time of blockade approaches. He also said, not only during the blockade period, but the fisherman’s risk allowance or ration card is demanded by this fisherman leader.

Upazila Senior Fisheries Officer Apu Saha said that there are 18 thousand 35 fishermen registered in this upazila. From October 7 to October 28, 25 kg of rice will be distributed to these fishermen who abstained from hilsa harvesting for 22 days.

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