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Ukraine claims to destroy 18 cruise missiles fired by Russia

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Update : Saturday, October 22, 2022

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Ukraine’s military claims to have destroyed at least 18 cruise missiles fired by Russia.

Ukrainian Air Force sources said on Saturday that our air force, anti-aircraft missile units and mobile units destroyed 18 enemy cruise missiles.

Ukraine’s air force also reported online that Russia had fired a Caliber cruise missile from a ship in the Black Sea.

CNN reported this information. However, it was not possible to verify the truth of these facts impartially, CNN said.

On the other hand, in a separate statement, the mayor of Kyiv, Vitaly Klisko, said that the air force destroyed several missiles fired by the Russian forces targeting the capital city of Kiev on Saturday.

Meanwhile, several areas of Ukraine are still plunged into darkness due to Russian attacks one after another. According to local government sources, many areas were without electricity on Saturday as well.

Since October 10, many areas of Ukraine have experienced a severe power outage after a massive attack by Russia.

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