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Both men and women are being treated in the same ward of Habiganj Sadar Hospital

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Update : Friday, October 21, 2022

Jewel Chowdhury, Habiganj Representative/

The newly constructed 250-bed hospital in Habiganj is plagued by various problems. On the one hand, there is water shortage, on the other hand, the patients who come for treatment are also suffering. In addition, the garbage line of the toilet is blocked and the smell is spreading around without being removed. Due to this, patients who come to recover are getting sicker.

Such is the plight of the newly built hospital just a few years ago at the cost of crores of rupees. A few days ago, the children and medicine ward were shifted from the old building to the 10th building. Among them, children’s ward is on the 5th floor, medicine and men’s ward is on the 7th floor.
The huge building has 69 seats for men and women and 4 cabins. Moreover, as the male and female medicine wards are side by side, the patients who come for treatment are also in trouble. As the seats are crowded, many patients have to lie on the floor for treatment.

Apart from this, the toilets and water taps of many wards are broken. Besides, the bad smell of the bathroom is spoiling the environment of the hospital. But the 4th and 6th floors are lying unnecessarily. Relatives of the patients feel that if male or medicine wards were separated, such problems would not have occurred. Nurses and doctors also struggle to provide treatment as two wards are together. Last Friday, we went to the ground and visited the hospital to see this scene.

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