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Send the document, I will see said UNO Tahmilur Rahman!

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Update : Thursday, October 20, 2022

Arun Sarkar, Chief Reporter, Sylhet/

You get news from Sylhet but I don’t even know from Gowainghat, okay send the document, I will see,” Gowainghat upazila executive officer Tahmilur Rahman told the reporter. He said the above words in response to a reporter’s question over the phone on Wednesday at 8:44 am. Shocking indeed. Because if someone sleeps awake, who will wake him up?

It has been reported that a total of 116.49 acres are located in SA 149 and BS 127 No-JL of Purba Pekerkhal Mouzar SA and BS 01-Khas Khatiane SA and BS 01 No-Dag of Gowainghat Upazila of Sylhet. There is pasture land. The said land is used by 2-300 families of that area to graze cows, buffaloes and goats in the cow-grazing land. But it is a mysterious fact that since last year, some dishonest influential people in the local area have been trying to take possession of this kind of land. They are also trying to build fishery-bedi dams, dams and dams for fishing there. Sometimes the people are desperate to occupy the pasture by talking about construction of roads or dams to protect crops. At present, the Bhumiheko Chakra has built four dams (kuri-bil) on the site and is hunting fish by installing machines, confirmed a source in the local area.

Meanwhile, it is known about the search, the upazila administration issued section 145 of Gowainghat police station’s miscellaneous case no-52/2022 to protect the cattle. Which is still in force. Even after all this, the influential gang continued the water irrigation and drainage work by installing machines to catch fish, showing a thumbs up to the administration. Kala Mia and Rabu Mia, two sons of deceased Abru Mia, Abdul Khaliq, son of deceased Abdul Mutlib, Abdul Karim, son of deceased Pakhi Mia and 8/10 others are working as godfathers. They are establishing a reign of terror in the area. Besides, they are grabbing lakhs and lakhs of rupees by keeping the land under their control. Because of their fear, the simple, simple people of the locality do not dare to protest. If someone wants to protest, they will face a roller coaster of conspiratorial harassment including attacks, lawsuits. Locals are afraid of them. Locals said that even the local upazila news workers are afraid of this influential clique. Due to this, the people grazing cows, goats, buffaloes are in extreme trouble. In this way, the looting festival is going on to occupy Gochar land in front of the state! Who will wake them up if the state itself will take appropriate legal action against the land grabbers?

Gowainghat Upazila Nirbahi Officer Tahmilur Rahman while talking on the phone to find out about this, he avoided the matter and said to the journalist, “You got news from Sylhet but I don’t even know from Gowainghat, ok send the document and I will see.” When I contacted Salutikar police outpost in-charge on the phone, he confirmed the issuance of section 145 and said, I have not received any complaint in this regard, but I will look into the matter if I receive a complaint!

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