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Women greedy madrasa super imamul exposed, punishment demanded

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Update : Monday, October 17, 2022

Abu Kawsar, Dinajpur Correspondent/

Dinajpur Phulbari’s Khairbari Dakhil Madrasa Superintendent Imam Haque was involved in various misdeeds in the Madrasa for a long time. He has been doing multiple misdeeds in different ways at different times. In fear of him, the teachers and fourth class employees never dared to open their mouths for fear of jobs. At various times he also sexually harassed the teachers and students of the madrasa.

Madrasah Superintendent has been arbitrated many times in this regard. At that time he took everyone’s hands and feet and settled it.

Based on the source of the complaint, it is known that Super Imam Haque’s weakness towards women is from a long time ago. Evidence is available through audio records and pictures that he used to travel to different places with different women at different times.

Finally, he made a bad offer to the fourth class employee of that madrasa. When the fourth class female employee did not respond to her call, the employee was stopped for two months’ salary and issued several grief notices in her name. Locals say that the helpless poor fourth class employee is living an inhumane life with his children as he has not been paid for two months.

Talking to the Chairman of Khairbari Union Parishad, Enamul Haque, it is known that he has been doing all these misdeeds for a long time without anyone noticing. Dakhil sold several mango trees inside the madrasa for about lakhs of rupees and pocketed the money himself instead of depositing it in his madrasa fund. He also said that this super took 22 lakh rupees from them by various tricks to give employment to three people. On October 16, all the teaching staff of the madrasa signed a petition on behalf of the victim class IV employee and demanded exemplary punishment from the superintendent to the local administration. The issue has created a sensation in the area.

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