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Today is the 132nd Tirodhan day of mystic saint Lalon Saiji

Zaker ALi Shuva. Staff Reporter 504 Time View
Update : Monday, October 17, 2022

Zaker ALi Shuva: Today Monday is the 132nd Tirodhan day of mysterious saint Lalon Saiji (1772-1890). In keeping with this memorable message of Lalon, ‘Manush Bhajle Sonar Manush Hobi’, the district administration and the district police have taken all the preparations for the Tirodhan Divos program of Baul Samrat Fakir Lalon Shah in Cheuriya of Kumarkhali, Kushtia on the occasion of Tirodhan Divos organized by the Ministry of Culture and organized by Lalon Academy.

On the occasion of the day, Lalon Mazar has been decorated with new decorations. Since a few days ago, hundreds of devotees, saints and followers of Lalon have come from far and wide at Akhra bari in Cheuriya. They are sitting inside the shrine and in the surrounding area of ​​Lalon Academy, the gathering of Lalon Fakir.

Bhabhabadi Laukik Religion-community Sadhana Sangeet Master Baul Samrat Fakir Lalon Shah. On the full moon day of Chaitra, Lalon Saiji appeared with an incurable disease at the Kali River Ghats in Chewria. Since then Saiji used to associate with saints during his lifetime. Hence his followers specially remember him on this day to preserve his memory and propagate his mystic message after his demise. In continuation of that, this grand event was held on the 132nd Tirodhan Day of Baul Emperor Fakir Lalon Saiji.

Although the formal inauguration was held in the evening, before that, the association of Baul saints started through the adhibas in the morning. Runs till midnight on October 19 (3rd Kartik). All preparations have already been completed in Lalon Ankhrabari for the festival. The shrine is decorated with colorful decorations. Inside the center is the gathering of Baul Fakirs and a huge fair is sitting on the banks of Kali river.

Shopkeepers from remote areas of the country have arranged their stalls in this village fair. Lalon stage is prepared for discussion meeting and Lalon songs throughout the night.nSeveral levels of security measures have been taken to handle the rush of local and foreign Baul visitors, devotees and festival goers at the shrine of Fakir Lalon Shah. The overall situation of the fair will be monitored through CC cameras.

Lalon’s devotees who come here claim that the saint’s darshan removes the dirt from the mind, so they return again and again to Saiji’s Baram Khana to take the saint’s darshan to remove the dirt from the mind.

Already the saints have gathered from different parts of the country. On Monday morning, it can be seen that on the occasion of Baul Emperor’s Tirodhan Day, the work of getting the artists is going on at the last minute. Similarly Sadhu Gurus are spending busy time remembering their Prana Purusha. Along with this, the shopkeepers coming from remote areas of the country are now working day and night across the vast area of ​​the Kali River to decorate the stalls.

Moshiur Rahman Rajan, Khadem of Lalon Mazhar, said that Lalon’s followers have come and crowded this Akhrabari in Chheuriya since several days ago.

Sadhu Guru and his followers from far and wide of the country have gathered here to remember Fakir Lalon Sai on this Tirodhan day.

Kushtia SP Khairul Alam said that lakhs of people from all over the country will come here on the occasion of Tirodhan Day. Three levels of security have been put in place to ensure that there is no disruption in attending the festival. Along with uniformed police there will be police in plain clothes. There is a special control room with WAS tower. From there, the security system of the entire Chheuria area will be supervised.

Saidul Islam, DC of Kushtia, said that all preparations have been completed on the occasion of Fakir Lalon Saiji’s Tirodhan Day. All arrangements have been made including accommodation and food for Sadhu Gurus. As there will be a discussion meeting on the main stage, the country’s leading artists will perform their songs throughout the night.

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