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‘Awami League has paralyzed the country’

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Update : Sunday, October 16, 2022


BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has commented that Awami League has canceled the system of ‘Election Caretaker Government’ while being in power till 41 years. In this context, he said that caretaker government system is not about BNP or Awami League, caretaker government system is necessary to create a stable political structure for this nation.

He made this comment at the discussion meeting titled “Caretaker Government and Current Context” during the election period organized by Bangladesh Conscious Citizen Forum at Six Seasons Hotel in Gulshan on Sunday (October 16) afternoon. Through this discussion meeting, this research organization called Bangladesh Conscious Citizens Forum came into being. Chairman of the organization Shahriar Alam George and Secretary General Syed Mohammad Alvi.

BNP’s A. M. Mahbub Uddin Khokon, Shamsur Rahman Shimul Biswas, Nasir Uddin Ahmed Asim and others spoke.

Fakhrul said, it is one-eleven for instability in the country. Then their big slogan was minus-two. Actually it was minus democracy – keep democracy away, run a controlled regime here. From the same source, from the same conspiracy, from the same plot, Awami League canceled the provisions of this caretaker government. We have to understand that.

BNP Secretary General said, Awami League has not canceled it suddenly. Awami League has thought very far that how to keep Awami League in power for 41 years as per their declaration. It is their plan a blueprint. He complained that Awami League is sitting in power illegally. Their misrule surpasses everything. Paralyzed the country. He urged the young society and young lawyers to unite to overcome this situation.

Stating the reasons for the introduction of the caretaker government system, Abdul Moin Khan, a member of the standing committee, said that any citizen can raise a question in the Supreme Court – how the process in which the Chief Justice changes the judgment after retirement that the caretaker system has been abolished is not legal. It can be raised by lawyers.

He further said, now the question is whether we can go to caretaker system by violating the constitution. The answer is, 100% we can. Since the constitution is for the people, the people are not for the constitution. Since it is not the Bible, it cannot be changed. It will be changed by the people, if necessary, and we will make it legal when the parliament comes later. Moreover, it has been proved in Gaibandha by-election. So there is no alternative to a non-partisan caretaker government.

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