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Russia-NATO conflict will spell disaster for world: Putin

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Update : Saturday, October 15, 2022

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that any frontal war between the NATO forces and the Russian army will cause disaster for the whole world.

Putin warned on Friday (October 14) of the fierce war of words between the US-led NATO forces and Russia over the past few days. News from The Telegraph.

Russia and NATO have announced nuclear weapons drills in the next few days.

President Putin, who is visiting Kazakhstan, said at a press conference in Astana on Friday that any conflict between NATO troops and the Russian army would cause a global catastrophe.

A day before Putin’s speech, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Russia would cross an important redline if it ordered the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

NATO is to hold a military exercise called Steadfast Noon on Monday in which nuclear-armed warplanes will take part. However, no fresh nuclear weapons will be used in the drills and the drills will be held 1,000 kilometers from the Russian mainland.

At the same time, Russia also announced military exercises. NATO is monitoring Moscow’s movements, Stoltenberg said.

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