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People of the country are burning in the fire of hell: GM Quader

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Update : Saturday, October 15, 2022


Chairman of Jatiya Party and Deputy Leader of Opposition GM Quader said that the people of the country were crushed by terrible load shedding. Government cannot buy fuel due to lack of dollars. It is not able to produce electricity as per demand. Factory production is shutting down. Export industry under threat. People are not able to market due to lack of money. The market is on fire. Billions of families are burning in this fire. The people of the country are burning in the fire of hell.

He said these things in his speech as the chief guest at the Thana Jatiya Party conference at Uttarkhan Collegiate School Ground in Dhaka on Saturday.

GM Quader also said that the by-election of Gaibandha-5 seat proves that fair elections are not possible under an authoritarian government. A fair election will not be possible even if the Election Commission wants it. To please the government and the ruling party, law enforcement and administration have turned irregularities into rules. On October 12, we asked the Election Commission to cancel the election due to widespread fraud in the by-election of Gaibandha-5 seat. The Election Commission has declared the election closed. For that we have thanked the Election Commission. We again demand that re-election should be held by announcing new schedule. We will not accept any fraudulent election. We believe in people’s right to vote. We want to ensure people’s right to vote.

GM Quader further said, “From the beginning, we are opposing EVM elections. Because the result declared in EVM cannot be challenged. If a candidate is aggrieved, he cannot take legal recourse with any evidence. And those who conduct the election, the field administration becomes busy to get the favor of the government. Even if the electronic voting machines are not at fault, those who operate the EVMs are not impartial. So there is no chance of fair elections under an authoritarian government. Government supporters cannot tolerate rivals in elections. Government people want to win unopposed in every election. Contesting the elections is subject to assault and harassment cases.

GM Quader said that the number of unemployment is increasing. The government has created unemployment by saying that it will provide jobs from house to house. People’s income has not increased. But the price of goods is increasing by leaps and bounds every day. It has reduced the purchasing power of people. Parents cannot buy baby food. If this continues, the next generation will become an undernourished nation. People can’t market. The market is on fire. Millions of families are burning in the fire of the market. Due to lack of money, people are not able to get treatment. Can’t buy medicine.

Expressing his anger, he said that only those who form the government party are in heaven. The people of the country are burning in the fire of hell. Another part is not getting a place to keep money in the country. They are smuggling thousands of crores of rupees abroad. In one year, four lakh crore rupees have been smuggled into Swiss banks alone. Where people do not have basic rights, mega projects are being taken up only for looting. Mega project means mega loot. Looting is going on in the name of development. Mega projects are being taken up at the cost of thousands of crores of rupees. Not a single project is completed on time. As the time increases, so does the cost.

Jatiya Party presidium member and Metropolitan North Convener Shafiqul Islam Sentu inaugurated the conference under the chairmanship of Uttarkhan Thana Jatiya Party convener Mahmudul Hasan Alal, Sherifa Quader MP, Jatiya Party Chairman’s advisor and Jatiya Sanshikari Party convener spoke as a special guest. Apart from this, Jatiya Party Chairman’s advisor Mahbubur Rahman Lipton, Jatiya Party Vice Chairman and Metropolitan North Member Secretary Jahangir Alam Pathan, Joint Secretary General Syed Manjur Hossain, Organizing Secretary Saiful Islam Pintu and others gave speeches.

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